Find the oddball …..



Contrary to what you might think, the oddball here is not the guy with a lamp shade on his head, but the guy drinking juice.

Here is another Thursday’s Special photo challenge. You have a week (by next Thursday) to post a photo (or several) of an oddity of some kind. Happy Thursday!

jupiter najnajnoviji


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Guest challenge: Street Photography/Portraits




I am honored that Paula has invited me to host the Thursday challenge this week.  Our theme this week is street photography – and while many people have different takes on approaching street shots – I invite you to share a photo that speaks to you!

Some folks try to photograph that special moment, some look for setting and include a rich backdrop, and then others might want a distant shot with little interaction – but the bottom line is that there is no single formula.

For my featured photo today, I highlighted the artsy expression of a college student.

This is Audrey, a German major at a local college – who also has great interest in art history.  Her tattoos, or body art, spoke to me and when I asked her if I could take her photo, she said, “Absolutely.”

 For this week’s challenge, I invite you to share a street photo that speaks to you.  It can be from a distance, it can include a rich setting, or it can be a posed shot like this featured one with Audrey.

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Fabulous entries from contributing bloggers:

Photography 101: Street

On my travels I have seen streets in many towns and most of them were packed with tourists and locals which did not always make me feel welcome. There is something about my home town Zagreb when it gets emptied in August that appeals to me. Here is one of its main streets…





or maybe it looks better in this one? (Feel free to vote)


I am taking part in Word Press’ #photo101 project the purpose of which is to post a photo a day during the month of November. This will not stop me from publishing my usual posts as well, particularly for my Thursday’s Special and Black and White Sunday challenges.

Weekly Photo Challenge: FRIENDSHIP

Once again Ms Rosso made me do something I had never done before. The weekly challenge said: “friendship” so I grabbed my camera and went for a tour of my neighbourhood.

It is the first time that I took a shot at street photography and not being looked suspiciously upon, or being scolded as a stalker, I have to admit I had fun taking these pics.

Stories of friendship from my neighbourhood park…

04 – You Picked Me (click on the link on the left to have some musical background to the posted pics)