The quaint looking field structure known as kazun in Istria has been widely used in the past once as a dwelling, but most commonly as a shelter, and later on for storing agricultural tools. The changed way of life gradually made them obsolete, but their cultural and historical value is greater than it may at first appear. Most of the examples that can be seen today date back to  the 18th – mid 20th century like this one that I saw in the South-West Istria. The doors on kazun are normally smaller than man’s size and usually face West. The inner diameter ranges between 1.5m-3m and the height from 1.60 to 2m. 

Excerpt from a research conducted by the Institute for Historical and Social Sciences in Rijeka sheds light on the historical importance of these structures:

“…The heritage value of kazun is great; when glancing over the map of the widespread density of kazuns, it can be noticed that they are most commonly found in the South-West Istria (especially around Vodnjan), while they are scarcely found in the middle and North-West Istria. Similar round ground-planned edifices are known under different names (bunje etc.) in the middle and South Dalmatia. In Europe, this type of drywall building can be found all over Mediterranean, all the way to the British Isles and Scandinavia up North. This geographical distribution, architectural structuring and archaeological findings suggest that the origin of this type of round ground-planned edifice could be found in the dwellings and burial sites of Paleo-Mediterranean period. However, the abundance of available stone and the strong development of agriculture were basis for survival and spreading of this type of building in different European areas, as well as the formation of original examples of round stone edifices which had the role of shelters in the field. Lately, kažuns, as characteristic examples of traditional building in Istria, have had a special role when one is identifying and interpreting ethno-cultural contents.” (author: Tihana Stepinac Fabijanic)



It’s been a few weeks since the last Black & White Sunday, and I am happy that I can challenge you again with my monochrome photo challenge. Today’s theme is STRUCTURE. In my example it is a building, but considering so many possible meanings of the word, I expect to see many different entries from you. As usually, you have a week to respond. Hope you’ll have fun.


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