Conscience of Logic

Thoughts flow in and out of my mind.

Trying to stop them, freeze them in time.

Must put them somewhere safe

Where they’ll do no more harm.



A few years ago I got ill, and was scared and in despair. However, things got better; I had friends that helped me find the strength within me to fight and hope. One of them was my good luck charm that I parted with a year later by giving it to another person as I foolishly thought I would never need it again. These days I have retrieved my good luck charm, my lost sheep, and once again felt the support of my friends through another rough patch.

I know that our belief in the good luck charm is what makes it a good luck charm, but still I am happy to have my lost sheep back with me, and to be reminded never to stop hoping.

I would like to thank Jake for this theme… He must have been reading my mind when he came up with it 🙂

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Pure as Snow

As I was sitting there looking through the window and watching the snow change the town’s scape thoroughly the word purification came to mind.

Do we need this amount of snow to purify our dusty city? Can this purification make our minds clearer and change thought patterns of the country? Will it bring so much needed cleansing?

If so,  let it snow…..

Taken with my phone this morning from my office window.

The attached music is titled Pure as Snow. 

DSC_snow panorama3

My daily thoughts

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People don’t like being reminded of their faults. If you want to be unpopular, just point those out to them.

My thought of the day

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I entitled this category “My daily thoughts” but they can very well be weekly thoughts or monthly or annual….

Here is my thought of the day: “If you are pretending to be what you are not, you are bound to attract wrong crowds.” With this in mind, I am only looking forward to meeting genuine people.