In the Name of Faith: Treasures

Throughout history we have seen that churches and sanctuaries have come into possession of greatest treasures. Where faith and religion were concerned people spared no money or physical sacrifice to please their gods.

«Don’t be afraid, Vincenza. It is me Mary, the Mother of Christ who died on the cross for the salvation of men. I beg you to go and say in my name to the people of Vicenza they must build in this place a church in my honor, if they want their health back, otherwise the plague will not cease».

According to the legend these were the words spoken to a peasant woman by the name of Vincenza Pasini on Monte Berico above Vicenza. The year was 1426, and the town had been suffering from a deadly plague for years.

Following the orders of the Madonna the people of Vicenza built a church on the spot of the acclaimed appearance. The church was built in three months time, and has been treasured as a symbol of salvation of the Veneto population for centuries.


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