The Ugly Truth

It’s time to share my ugly secret…

The accident happened weeks ago. I am not sure how, but he stumbled and took a blow to his head. Still, he seemed fine and life went on as usual. There were no complaints and no signs of change.

A couple of weeks later I woke up to a disturbing sight: two of his limbs shrivelled, and his torso a shade of brown. Something was telling me he was on a path of no return.

Another week went by and two more limbs stared at me crippled and rotten.

Finally, the day came when his once sound and shiny head got covered in mildew, his once vibrant limbs were formed in an unidentifiable mess and spikes charred beyond recognition.

After all the love and care that I have given him, I whispered to myself, this is the thanks I get.

I know that I probably should have kept this one for myself…





This post is my response to the Daily Prompt: Locked and Sealed.


Weekly Photo Challenge: BIG

I may have faith enough to move mountains, but without love, I am nothing.

I hope you will enjoy my vision of BIG while listening to the attached music.