If you expected to hear something smart about ideas for today’s theme you are at loss here. It is WAITING, plain and simple waiting that can be interpreted in a number of ways.

I found this graffiti practically at my doorstep and could not help posting it. 

Have a great Thursday!

©Paula Borkovic

You already know the rules of this challenge, but just in case: 

  • Make a photo post post on today’s theme, before next Thursday.

  • Link to this challenge post, and tag your post #thursdaysspecial

  • Leave a comment under this post.

Please check out the entries to this challenge. All you have to do is click on the attached links bellow:

My daily quote

The harder you wait for something, the lesser are the chances that it will come. (my quote inspired by delayed weekly photo challenge :D)

Click on the link to listen to the music 14 – I Will Be Waiting