Black & White Sunday: Expression

Hello everybody!

Today you are asked to post a photo of an expression. We can talk about human expressions (emotional), or behavioural expressions in animal (those can be hilarious), or any kind of expression that comes to your mind. What you can see below is a part of the sculpture by the most famous Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović that I showcased before here.



If you want to participate in Black & White Sunday photo challenge, make sure to:

  • make a photo post in black and white before next Sunday 6 November

  • link it to this challenge post and tag it   #blackandwhitesunday

  • leave me your links in the comment section bellow.

Please, check out the entries for this challenge. There are some wonderful contributions:

Circle of Love

I’m not going to talk about universal love “expressed by all people for all people” as proposed by the on-call “happiness engineer“.

My take on love is the one that perpetuates the cycle of life and makes one feel connected with the universe as shown in the allegoric sculpture, the work of Croatian most renowned sculptor Ivan Meštrović titled the Well of Life. Maybe you recall seeing his work before on my blog.



The Well of Life by Ivan Meštrović



Closer view of the same sculpture


zdenac s kazalistem-1_potipis_scale
The Well of Life with the Croatian National Theatre in the background


You may wish to enjoy a Croatian tune. Click on the player bellow….