I wish … (my friends were here)

I wish I could spend more time on my blog

I wish I could see more of your posts

I wish my day was 37 hours long, and

 My sleep short and sweet as a peaceful song.

But it is not the case…..



This angel is a gift from my life-long friend, and the attached song was a gift from a friend that passed on some years ago. I guess this post is about remembering friends…. 

Weekly Photo Challenge: GROWTH

With spring being the time of birth, summer certainly is the time of growth when every little thing in nature is bursting with life. A dandelion just may be a perfect representative of one of these little things showing the splendor of life and growth.

Here it is … a dandelion after it has reached the end of its growth cycle, just before being blown on the wind ….

Blow on it … Make a wish! While you are at it, listen to The Rolling Stones’ Dandelion.