Absolute Beauty


We all like to use the word absolute, but there is nothing absolute in this world.

There is no absolute truth and equally no absolute beauty.

Nobody is absolutely right or wrong.

Our eyesight may not be absolutely correct (well except for those with 20/20 vision), and even if we make it more reliable with eyeglasses and contact lenses it does not guarantee that the image we project in our brain is an accurate image of the subject in front of us.

This is a realistic point of view.

If we are allowed a subjective point of view, human beings as we are we can’t have it any other way, the “truth” would be different.

We are so full of absolutes:


“I have had the absolutely worst day”. (Have you heard that before?)



“He is an absolute genius!”  (Many have exclaimed upon seeing Michelangelo’s design of the  Piazza del Campidoglio in Rome).


“What an absolutely stunning landscape!” (I have received a comment like that more than once).



“You are absolutely gorgeous” (I bet that she has heard that one before).

Lady Chatterley

So, where is the truth? Are we looking for the absolute truth? I wish we could find it as that would be absolutely beautiful.

The photos used in this short response to daily writing prompt were published before on this blog.

Isn’t my Lady Chatterley an absolute beauty? 😀 😉


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