SUNDAY POST: Close-up (revised edition)

Definition of CLOSE-UP from Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary

1: a photograph or movie shot taken at close range

2: an intimate view or examination of something

In order to take a close-up photo you either have to come very close or use a telephoto lens.

What made me look close-up? Curiousity of course 😀

Look at it, while resting your ears with the following music 06 – Instrumental One


39 Comments on “SUNDAY POST: Close-up (revised edition)

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  2. Enjoy very much to look at the details you have captured in the lovely light… 😉

    Curiosity, it can be charming even close up… 😉


      • I want to make this sunday for a lazy sunday – after a very busy the last few weeks but I can like it this way… 😉

        What about you – are you in hiding on the lookout with your camera for the next prey… ‘big smile’


        • Lazy is great… lazy is my favourite state :). I am afraid I will not be lurking with my camera today… 😦 I have to cook… as a matter of fact, I’ve already started while I am doing some things. I hate standing next to the cooker, so I just put things on, turn on the time, and wait what will happen :). I hope it does not burn down, or worse that it does not burn down my kitchen..oops the timer is screaming right now…


  3. Really nice bokeh smooth and creamy, fantastic close-up, magnificent colors and nice touch with © paula


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