A bad hair day

I just came home from the hairdresser’s. Nothing major, the usual trimming and dye… so close to my natural colour, except for a shade of copper (suggestion of my Mum – they do know what’s best for you).

Well, here it goes. First, I escaped from the office – don’t give me a high brow – everybody does it in this country – then I took a cab (not a luxury any more) to get to the hairdresser’s, then I asked them (politely) to turn down the volume on the music that was giving me a headache – they complied – (As I was coming up the stairs I could hear the music from the street – terrible depressing jazz-wannabe, way too loud to be featured as background music)…. Then we get to the usual … three month trimming and dying. Everything under control till now ,… except hey, there is a new shampoo girl, looking very lost in the whole ambiance, and I am one of the two customers in the whole place.. I thought, well, this is going to be fairly quick and easy… and it went moderately well, her pulling my hair while she was trying to dye it did not bring tears to my eyes and I told myself I was lucky when she generously placed me on a massage chair in the other part of the saloon, but the humongous window was wide open, and with a raging wind outside it made my whole skin go goose bumps so I had to intervene – “Can you, please, close that window – I am freezing my behind off here?” I asked with an authoritative tone in my voice (if you ask in a placid, squeaky voice – it yields no result)- they complied… Now there .. I am a bit calmer, and am trying to entertain myself erasing old e-mails from my iPhone, while reading a trashy magazine, but the waiting seems never-ending …. Waiting for hair roots to get dyed … then for the semi-permanent colour to get to the rest of my long hair – the waiting is getting almost unbearable in spite of all the massaging impulses I get from their installed chair.. Rinsing time …the new girl has the clumsiest pair of hands I had ever felt on my skull – I am getting panicky, my face is getting a painful expression, but I bear with it with a hope of getting dried and out of there soon. By the time she takes a hair blower in her hands and tries to dry me, my face gets a very pitiful grimace of pain and the boss has to step in and I spit out: “Can I have someone else dry my hair please, she is pulling on it ” to which the boss scolds me: “What is wrong with you today, Ms B.” I feel as if I was in the first grade again, I lower my head in silence and I wait for the end of the act …. I am finally dry and let go, I pay the bill which equals to 10 kilos of meat or 40 litre of gas for your car… and they dare ask me what is wrong with me!! This is the treatment I get after 10 years of loyalty to the same joint in spite of their changing their address three times!!! Is customer always right?! Well, they should be!!!!

P.S. Sorry to disappoint the audience.. no pics of my hair .. they did not do it any harm ………. just one string of hair was pulled in the process and it was unsightly … a tiny curly hair out of nowhere… my next post will have some pictures in it… if you hate reading but like hard music, have a blast!!!

48 Comments on “A bad hair day

  1. Oh, I loathe going to the hair salon. I never look like me when I come out, and it all takes soooo long, not to even mention the expense. Nowadays, I go to hubby’s barber lady who trims off exactly what I ask, and I don’t have to have a wash and blow dry. I’m out of there in 10 minutes. Hubby colours my roots for me at home. What more could I ask for. 🙂


  2. Firstly, when i read the title of your post in my notifications i thought i would see a funny picture of your hair….! 😛 No picture though…. 😦
    I have one thing to declare, i HATE hair saloons!!! I hate how the girls always talk to me like i am their pal, they just have to small talk me “LADY, i won’t talk about my boyfriend issues with you!!!”, my head hearts while they use the drier and they always, ALWAYS, dry my hair straight, which i HATE, and always want them curly, the way they are naturally!!! So, for the last year and a half, i cut my own hair. Don’t laugh, i am actually getting good at it!
    There you go! You pissed me off even thinking about it!


  3. I’m another one , who hates hair salons….. For all the useless chatting, first of all, for it takes too long,for it costs too much…….. So I often go to a barber’s or I cut my hair myself. Imagine ,that once ,a lady,in the street stopped me and asked me for the name of my Salon! Still don’t know if she was pulling my leg, but I told her that it was in Rome……..( actually,I lived in Milan……..)


    • Hello lady, I wanted to pay you a visit, but there was no link on your gravatar…. I was going to check on your hair cut 😉 Thank you for reading me and commenting 🙂


  4. It would be much easier if the girls all used wig, so they could deliver it to the hairstylist on their way to the office and get it back again at lunch before going to a cafe to drink cafe latte with all the girls… 🙂 🙂 😉

    I miss a photo, sweet Paula… ‘smile’


    • 😀 😀 D Sorry to disappoint you mon Drake, the hair, fortunately, looks the same as always ;), Funny you should mention wigs, I was watching the film “Dutchess” the other day when her wig got set on fire, and I had a thought … but nah, I am going with what God gave me for now 😉 Believe me, and I know it is difficult for a guy to understand, the whole experience is plain torture, I would rather have 4 hours overtime work consequtive translating on Board meetings than this sharade 🙂


  5. moi aussi j’ai cru que je verrai une photo de ta coupe de cheveux … tanpis 😦 franchement, tu aurais pu être plus gentille avec les coiffeuses :p je blague !! D’ailleurs, je vais chez le coiffeur la semaine prochaine…(alalala si seulement je savais me couper les cheveux moi-même…. *soupir* ) Bonne nuit Paula !


  6. I just quitted going to my hairdresser after five years. She made wait for 25 minutes and was not nice, and I was not happy with the hair cut…


  7. Enjoyed your vent, thank you Paula. It’s sometimes so difficult to assert yourself in these places for fear of the revenge they might havoc upon you . . .

    I am in the process of looking for a new place to go and my one priority now is that it has to be quiet, or is this too much to ask?


    • Apparently so :(. Patti, if you find one, consider yourself very lucky. I am not exaggerating when I say that their decibels give me tachicardia almost every time….


    • Probably yes :D, but I’ve seen worse.. people crying over a dead pet, and others clicking the like button ;). I think they just like my opinions and writing (at least I hope so), and there is music of course :D. Did you listen to it?


  8. I once complained in a salon that they were pulling my hair when drying it and I was told it needs to be pulled to stay in place…I never went back there and I go where they are gentle with my scalp!!!


    • Hi Lisa, I think I don’t know a woman that hasn’t had some bad hairdresser experience… oiur scalps are sensitive, and what pisses me off most is the attitude of hair “stylists” they all think so highly of themselves – grrrrrrr Thank you for stopping by to comment 🙂 I hope you are happy with your current place now 🙂


    • 🙂 You are right Dillip. There is no use of focusing on bad moments. I hope she will never raise her voice at me again….. Thank you 🙂


      • Next time you must have more authority! Smile and say clear and loud what you like and what you unlike. After all, you pay. 🙂


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