Weekly Photo Challenge: PATTERN

tour eiffel

63 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: PATTERN

  1. jalal michael sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com

    Very creative photography . Paris and the great symbol .Jalal


  2. Gr8 photo – creative idea for the theme – excellent captured… 🙂 😉

    Did you see any tourist..? “lol lol”


    • Thank you Madhu 🙂 It is a huge compliment. I took it from hand, the only shots done from tripod are night shots of La Tour and Notre Dame and Louvre… In this one I was dizzy and trying to escape from mad crowd underneath 😉


      • Wow! All the more impressive Paula! I read about hubby carrying the tripod on another comment and assumed you had used it 🙂


  3. I have never been able to untangle the emotional connection to Paris and the Eiffel Tower. It is hard not to see your photo through the filter of watching the sunset from the tower in springtime…your photo is superb, it is the Eiffel Tower, and it is Paris.


    • Hello Charlie 🙂 Your comment tells me you were lucky enough to visit it in spring too :). Thank you for your ovations 🙂


  4. I was planning to post something for the WPC on Friday, but I just totally forgot about it untill I visited your blog now (Sunday).
    Great pattern-photo Paula!


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  6. jalal michael sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com

    Thank you Paula for liking my post (in a day , in a month. ) and for your beautiful comment.Wishing you the best.Jalal


  7. Hi Paula, Great photo and interesting that while looking at it my eyes moved up. When I became aware of it, I wondered what photos do to my body when looking at them. A whole new perspective of taking in this form of art which I’d not looked at before and appreciate. It was such a novel and interesting perspective, your photo. Thank you. Paulette


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