Black and White Photo Challenge: Nature

Touch, I remember touch

Pictures came with touch

A painter in my mind

Tell me what you see

(Touch by Daft Punk)


This is my entry for Sonel’s awesome B&W Photo Challenge. Check out her fabulous photos here.

40 Comments on “Black and White Photo Challenge: Nature

  1. Wow! That is one amazing shot Paula! Now I’m intrigued. Is it some kind of seed? You’ve captured it so well! Thanks for taking part. Your photography is really beautiful. 😀 *hugs*


    • It was some kind of a spiky flower .. originally green .. I made it B&W within a few minutes just for you ;). It was last summer with my power shot.. now I have a slightly better equipment :). Your opinion really matters Sonel. Thank you *a gentle hug*


      • Well, I love it and thank you so much for doing it just for me. I truly appreciate the thought. A power shot it was indeed, taken with a power shot. You see, it doesn’t matter what you use, it’s how you use it and you’ve done a fantastic job of it Paula. Thanks again and you’re welcome hon. 😀 *big hugs*


            • I am well rested, and enjoying a peaceful and slow day in the office :). Have been reading about chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.. I’ve heard of these conditions before, but now wanted to learn more what it implies… Have you been suffering for long?


    • 😀 I bet the music did not help to relieve the dizziness either ;). Thank you, Angeline 🙂


  2. This is amazing! Wonderful entry for the challenge. I’m happy to see you’ve joined – I’m posting my entry tomorrow after I get some sleep. 😀


    • Thank you so much, dear Jackie. I will stop by your place to see your entry… I can hardly wait 😀


  3. Last night I wanted to leave a comment to this amazing post , but I couldn’t post it…….
    I was impressed by the pic,and the music was a revelation!


    • 😀 the music is really something else. I am totally hypnothised by this piece :). Thank you so much, Anna 🙂


    • Caro Alessandro , e passato tanto tempo …. I will stop by in a short while… As for the pic I was careful while taking it ;).
      I have always liked spiky flowers… I wonder why… maybe cause they remind me of crowns (thorny crowns to be exact)?!


    • I was thinking of you today girl, when I saw my tummy going bigger and bloated I thought I have to see Anne ASAP :D. Seriously, I have been missing you, and will drop by tomorrow. xxx


  4. This really is beautiful Paula! I love the DOF. B&W is something that almost never occurs to me, I’m going to have to start thinking more about it. Thanks!


    • Thank you so much Jeff :). Black and white is a special kind of challenge… and I would love to see you do it 🙂


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