Thursday’s Special: Reaching for a Star

He could never understand that shining star glistening so brightly and leading the way.

Everybody wanted to reach for her, and he tried, but failed.

The star smiled at him trying to give him a hand. “Come over, reach me”, she said. The glow was blinding, and so was his desire to be with her. The path was long and never ending. The star decreased her glow to lower the blinding light; he tried, reaching harder, having to close his eyes. The light was overwhelming. “You need to understand me”, said the star. “If you don’t, you’ll never get here”. He gave his best, but the effort seemed futile. The star got angry: “I gave you a hand, I lessened my light, I helped you reach me, and you can’t”.

With his eyes closed he remained in silence. Arms burned from the light too intense he had to count his losses.

evening star_bright

My dear blogger friend Colline  encouraged me to awaken my writing potential. I hope she will like this piece. Please, check out her inspiring blog that she describes as “a potpourri of my experiences, thoughts, and feelings” to discover her creative writing, interesting images and observations. 

**About Thursday’s Special: It is a ‘non-challenge’ challenge that appeals to bloggers eager to wake up their creativity and show their own ideas and interpretation of the world. I invite everybody interested to join in. There are no themes, titles and techniques set for your expression, there are no limits and restrictions (no red tape whatsoever). The only thing required is to post a photo post on Thursdays entitled “Thursday’s Special: (your theme/title)” (as explained in my Thursday’s Special introductory post), to provide a link to my Thursday’s Special post, and to leave a link to your post in the comments section of my post. If you like Thursday’s Special widget, feel free to grab it and post it on your blog.


I am glad to enclose links to creative responses to Thursday’s Special:

100 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Reaching for a Star

  1. Thank you for sharing this Paula. At the end I sense how hurt he is that he is unable to reach the star. I enjoyed reading this Paula. Write some more.


    • 🙂 The star got hurt too, though she keeps shining. She is so disappointed at his feeble attempts. Thank you for being supportive, Colline. I will write more, when I feel inspiration coming 🙂


  2. I love your writing…definitely keep it up! This story is interesting, and I feel the need to read it a couple of more times to pick up on all the feelings and meanings going on.


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  4. Wow! Every aspect of this is beautiful, Paula. 🙂
    I love the guitar, I love the photo, and I love your back story. The astonishing thing to me is that you are not writing in your own language, and however expert the translation, I have to feel that would be more lyrical. But sadly we would not be able to understand it. We need brains that instantly atune to another language- oh,no! You’d be out of a job ! 🙂 Thank you for this- it’s lovely.


  5. Good morning Paula!!! I loved it!!!! And I was able to feel it deep inside…Hope the star will lead your path to this new field…:) (the pic is great!!! )


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  8. Too beautiful, Paula, both words and the photo. You’re so talented. I agree with everyone, you should keep writing. I know you will 🙂
    I miss seeing your TS from my reader this time. My TS is coming up…


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  10. I thought I might be a good idea to combined the TS with Ese’ quote challenge in one since I used the quote from the “A Room Without A View”. Hope it’s okay with you 🙂 Thanks for hosting the TS, Paula!


    • Hello Disperser, I have removed the “like” option quite a time ago, though people still use it on the reader. I did it cause I found the interaction between bloggers based exclusively on clicking likes lacking. I prefer comments though I am aware it requires more time and actually something to say… You would be surprised but there are a few people that share my view on that. Recently I have found out that even comments can be lacking in many respects and that people even can ofend somebody without meaning to do so, but it is their problem not mine. If I see something I don’t like I will comment on something I like or try to find something I can say something nice about. I hate transmitting negative energy, but there are people that do not think about that; some do it on purpose like giving really lousy rates, and some are so quick and insensitive when they use their tongue that they can actually hurt. How silly of me to give so much thought to perfect strangers and their reactions, eh?


      • I went the “no like” route for a bit, but that was in reaction to people who were merely using “like” to boost their readership, and who obviously did not read my posts (I would get, and still get, “likes” within seconds of posting something, but most of my posts are rather long and take time to read, let alone absorb – those immediate “likes” are not reading my post. At most they look at one photo.)

        The problem I ran across is that some of my actual readers (people who care about what I post) were more inconvenienced than the people I was annoyed with.

        The question then becomes . . . do I care more about the people who genuinely want to let me know they were there, or do I punish them in order to curtail people who don’t care about what I post from clicking the “like” without reading anything?

        When it was pointed out to me (you can read the lengthy exchange in my “About” comments), I changed my mind.

        I much rather ignore likes from people I don’t know, than frustrate people I do know, and who usually comment, but sometimes just want to hit “like”.

        Not trying to change your mind; just explaining what I went through.


        • Yes, I see your point. I am not punishing anybody – they still feature the likes on the reader. I had the option to remove some feature that was greatly abused and I will not change my mind. I am writing this blog for me, myself, I 🙂


          • Not trying to change your mind. (That’s called ‘reverse psychology’, in case you are wondering. Yes, that’s a joke.)

            I don’t usually read the reader as it only shows excerpts of the post, and even when you hit it to read it, it presents a different format than the actual post.

            I write for my own pleasure as well, but even within that context, it’s still a forum to the world. If you were truly writing it just for you, you would have a private blog, and no one else would ever see it. Just saying.

            But, this went much longer than my initial question intended. It just happened I noticed it on two blogs I read this morning, and thought I would ask. It makes me no nevermind, as the saying goes.


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  13. This is so well crafted Paula! The photo and guitar music add extra punch! great job once again, and i look forward to more 🙂
    Rather busy this week, so I just linked a quick one to you, even thoug it is already Friday here 🙂


    • Wonderful post, Madhu 🙂 I hope they will make your tree full of the little orange ones, and that you will take super photos of them. Thank you for linking to TS.


  14. An exhilarating shot Paula and such a powerful story, he seemed doomed from the start but at least he tried. Or did he not try hard enough?


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    • I would have loved to be there for the New Year’s Eve. Thank you so much, Babsje for this beautiful article. If you think that my writing is gripping, you should check out Colline’s 😀


      • Hi Paula – Many thanks for your very kind words about my Walden posts. The experience was memorable and special to me, and so thank you for providing the “space” for sharing in your Thursday’s Special. I appreciate that a lot. Best, Babsje


  17. I was thinking, that piece is inspired from your experience. It’s a nice one as the words were weaved beautifully but the message is kind of sad.


    • You are right Sony on both accounts. Thank you very much for coming here. I have been thinking about you and if your family is ok. How are you?


      • They are all fine, Paula. Worry not. We are far from the area that was ravaged by the super typhoon. My prayers are for those who were gravely affected. Good thing people around the world are putting great efforts to reach out to my fellow Filipinos. It’s comforting that charity across the globe is working its way through our grieving fellow men in the Visayas Island. I am sure that will give them courage to push on with life and make the most of what’s left for them, eventually.


        • It is a tragedy, Sony. So many lost lives, and shattered homes. I am thinking of them. Thank you for letting me know yours are well 🙂


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  19. and yet another beauty. I’ll have to look for other word to qualify both your writing and pictures but they truly are fabulous every time. It’s inspiring, up-lifting and brings a smile to my heart every time. Good job! 😉


  20. Fabulous image, Paula. I felt quite sorry for this poor man. He tried, but couldn’t quite reach her. That’s tragic. Love your starry music. 🙂


  21. Comment as-tu fait pour photographier cette étoile ? Tu as ajouté un filtre ? 😮 🙂


    • Elle est fabriquee . elle n’a jamais ete la .. alors tous ses efforts ont ete pour rien 😉 je me refere a l’histoire …


  22. With this and the castle thinga-majig, I think it’s not just a potential you possess, bur rather a talent or skills. I actually thought it’s an old folk story.


    • Grazie Vento. Quello post e molto speciale per me 🙂 Ti ringrazio tanto tu comentario :). Sempre sono felice di leggerti 🙂


      • graças querida amiga!
        Eu escrevo aqui também …
        seu blog é cheio de amor e gentileza.
        a música é maravilhosa.
        Eu amo o mar em todas as suas formas.
        Não veerlo quase me faz sentir mal.
        Graças a você e todos os blogs que eu descobrir algo que fotográfica
        ajuda-me a amar o mar cada vez mais.
        Olá Paula, é um prazer ler você!


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  24. I enjoyed this, as well as the music that accompanies it! Maybe one day I will write something of fiction. I have found my “voice” is more of visual, though. I think you should take one of my photos and write a story to it. I would be most honored!


    • Thank you for the offer Emilio. I rarely write, and when I do the inspiration comes from within not by watching photos others have taken :). But that is quite a compliment!


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