Verona – the capital of love

Here is a view of Italy’s capital of love – VeronaThe name Verona in Latin means “true, honest image”. I believe that all of you have heard the story of a tragic love between Romeo and Juliet, but do you know why the story was set in Verona of all places? Has the name of the city meaning “true, honest image” anything to do with it? 




52 Comments on “Verona – the capital of love

  1. I have no idea what the answer to your question is. I’ve gone through a number of sources but none tie the “true, honest image” meaning into the explanations. Now I’m dying to hear what the connection is.


    • Shakespeare borrowed the story from an writer that lived close to Vicenza (Matteo Bandello). Looking for a connection between possible etymology of the town’s name and it being as a setting in the story is just my thing – (I am looking always for hidden meanings and seeking secrete connections). I liked the meaning of the name Verona “a true image” 🙂


  2. Very well work, really catch the mood of Verona – yeah it was in Verona, the plot of William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet took place – and at the center of town there is an amphitheater, the Arena di Verona, which included opera throughout the summer whatever the weather – worth visting even for those who aren’t crazy about traditionel opera – the city has been awarded World Heritage Site status by UNESCO because of its urban structure and architecture… :-).


  3. It does look like a beautiful city. And I am sure that Shakespeare chose to set his story in that fair city precisely because of what it means. He enjoyed the pun and making his audience titter in recognition of his humour.


    • I only took a couple of shots inside the city and they are all crap. It was an awful humid hot day and we only stayed two hours. I will have to go back to Verona some day and give it another try…


  4. Love the photo Paula and the music 🙂 but now Im dying to know the answer to your question…….please……
    I love Verona have been there twice and long to go back one day! Happy 2014 Paula 🙂


    • It would be cool to have a connection between the name of the place and it being chosen as a setting, but I think there isn’t any :). Shakespeare borrowed an Italian tale as first depicted in the work of some Italian writer…


  5. Wowo- what a smashing capture of beatiful Verona!
    All the best for 2014, dear Paula!
    Ha et riktig godt nytt år!
    from The Fabulous Four,
    Stor KLEM! 🙂


  6. Great image and you have been able to capture a beautiful span. Shakespeare was clearly fond of this town as he used it in several of his plays.



  7. I have no idea about the origin of the name, but I can tell you “true and honest” that this is a stellar photo of it. The light on the sides of the image really makes it striking and clean and so pretty. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an edit like this one, but I like it very much, Paula! 🙂


  8. Beautiful capture! I love how you’ve processed it. It looks like a postcard. I would comment on the music but I can’t hear it due to a failing laptop which needs to be replaced soon. My apologies.


  9. That music is very fitting. I’d like to think that Willy chose Verona just because it’s a lovely city. Perhaps, he’s just really looking for that one particular balcony. 😉


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