Remembering Paris in Colour


basilica_view_bf2_resize (2)

57 Comments on “Remembering Paris in Colour

  1. When you have a view like this by being at the centre of it and at a certain height you will feel a certain expansion of consciousness
    So how you feel?


      • Thank you so much for asking, Paula Dear! Know you care, it means a lot to me. Just need to deal with crap, but I cooled down last weekend and figured out… How are you?


  2. Paula, your posts are like a package, see a beautiful image with some great music as background πŸ™‚ No change here too.

    Thanks a lot for sharing…


  3. This is an incredible shot. Such lovely colour but the Eiffel Tower stands out beautifully, almost in black and white.


          • V E R Y S L O W L Y ! ! ! ! What a language. Oh my!

            They were all laughing at me ( kindly though) but I kept trying, immersion is the only way and it’s always GREAT to be the laugh of the day!


              • If you say so…you are the expert. I need to live there first!
                Thank you for the encouragement Paula!


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