Buckingham Palace-side view

11 Comments on “Buckingham Palace-side view

  1. Must be quite a place to keep clean. LOL!
    Great shot once again. 😀


    • The Queen is rarely there, but I am sure they maintain it super clean nevertheless 😀 Thank you sweet Sophia 🙂


      • I don’t want her or the cleaning staff’s job for sure. I wonder if there are secret chambers. Hmmmm… 😆


        • There must be some 😀 I agree with you – I would not like to be in their or her shoes either 😀


          • I would love to find secret chambers like that for sure and run in the halls just to freak everyone out. LOL!

            Same here. Thank the gods for my little big house that’s sometimes also an effort to keep clean. hehe


            • The only reason I booked an organised tour was not to better orient myself or to feel safe, it was to see things faster for less money. If it had been only London, I would have happily gone by myself, but we wanted to see more of England in just 5 days – so we went to Stonehenge, Windsor, Oxford, Blenheim 🙂 One of the days when I ditched her she took other travelers to Hampton Court …


              • You are lucky. Here in South Africa you will definitely need a guide or you’ll get robbed, unless I am with you of course. I might land up in jail though. Oh well, then you can buy me peanuts. LOL!

                It sounds like you had lots of fun and if so, then I am glad. You deserved to get away. 😀


                • Thank you so much hon. I did had loads of fun.. I even trespassed in St James park cause of a pelican – ended up with a sorry-ass pic, but it felt good to be mischievous for a while. Sophia, I would not risk you ending up in jail under no circumstances!!! You should be out in gardens and parks like your feathered friends. I would procure you peanuts regardless 😆


                  • haha, now that sounds like fun and something I would do as well. 😀

                    Good to know there will be someone to keep me from going to jail. LOL! Thanks! I like peanuts just as much as the monkeys do. hehehe


                    • Oh, you are way too kind hon! Thanks! 😆
                      I love cashew nuts! The monkeys will love the sunflower seeds. 😀


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