5 Comments on “guard

  1. They always look like little toy soldiers. I always here that they don’t let anything distract them and stand there like statues. Is that true? 😆


    • That’s true 😀 No amount of screaming, shouting, calling can detour them from their charge 😀 You are right hon – they are just like little toy soldiers 😀


      • Oh my! LOL! That shows lots of discipline for sure and I bet there are lots of people that will try anything to detour them. I can only imagine what stories they have to tell! LOL!


        • I could not stick long enough there to test him and share stories – we were with a guide and she pushed us around a lot. If I hadn’t ditched her for two whole days (out of 5) my stay would have been ruined 😀


          • I don’t think he would have talked either. I would sure love to be a fly on the wall when he gets home. hahahahah!
            Ugh! What a pity there are guides like that but unfortunately a necessity if you’re in a strange place. Nowadays you do need them if you don’t want to get robbed or killed I suppose, but I am sure London is a very safe place. I am glad you ditched her for sure. I would have hit her. LOL!


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