Black & White Sunday: It’s Monochrome Time


sat kod dzamije

You can grab my Black & White Sunday widget and join me. Show me your B&W photos regardless of the theme.



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76 Comments on “Black & White Sunday: It’s Monochrome Time

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      • Very well – I shall ! So tell me; do you find you get a better response if you DON’T provide the theme …?


        • Hello M-R. It is a matter of personal preference of course. I have noticed that some people like to use my theme within their own interpretations for both events B&W Sunday and Thursday’s Special. On both occasions I told them they are not obligated to stick with the theme – I like people to come up with their own ideas, but is is also fun to see how they can interpret my theme. As a translator I enjoy seeing various interpretations. For example, once there was a theme on Weekly Photo Challenge: “create” and I posted a photo of a pigeon pooping on my balcony, right in the middle of the act. It is fun seeing how far some interpretations can go. Equally, if people don’t have anything “within the theme” I like them to post something that means something to them, something they find special.


          • Fairy nuff ! – thank-you, Paula ! I wish I’d seen the pooping pigeons. [grin]
            The trouble with coming across blogs one likes is that one simply doesn’t have the time to wander back through them, eh ? – one simply proceeds from there “going forward”, as the money men like to say …


            • Of course. I have to note one thing though. When one links a post to some event it is customary to actually link it to them. I did not mind that had been previously published, but I only saw it as a contribution to WPC, and not to this B&W Sunday. Other challenges insist that posts should be completely new though.


              • Oh! – I am so SORRY … I had no intention of that photo’s being my contribution, Paula !!! I meant only to show you that I have already posted a photo under the heading ‘reflections’, that’s all. Please feel free to delete it as an entry for your project: I’ve just come up with a good one and am about to set it up as a contribution …


                • It’s permissible to repeat themes too :). I have noticed that theme “reflection” is widely used in photo challenges 😉


                    • But reflection is the best theme there is – photography allows a zillion ways to catch reflections, and the word itself can be interpreted beautifully as you did with that gorgeous portrait of your man 🙂


                    • It is, isn’t it ? I didn’t take it: it was a movie he was working on that I wasn’t, and some brilliant person with his/her own camera took that shot. The thing about Chic was that everybody loved him, so it wasn’t a bit surprising that there was a person ready and happy to take a shot of him. 🙂


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    • Thanks Debbie. I love Vesuvius and your photo with Pompeii in the foreground gives it more context. Well done!


  3. Paula, beautiful building. I put some photos up today with your widget, hope that’s enough….? Love the idea of a black and white Sunday.


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    • I don’t see anything wrong with your composition. I am also nostalgic about 1980’s 🙂 I like seeing your photos and recorded memories. Thank you so much for taking trouble to dig up the photo and prepare the post. You are a real sport M-R 🙂


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  8. Sorry, Paula, that comment above (“Hah, I wouldn’t dare attempt it!”) was my error. Please disregard or remove it.


  9. It’s so distracting, reading comments, isn’t it, Paula? I keep being diverted elsewhere! Must visit Kathryn next 🙂
    A residential house it may well be, but simple it isn’t! It makes a fine shot 🙂 And good music of course. Hands still sore? Music still blaring? Sympathetic hugs.


    • Thank you, Jo. The hands are bad cause I worked 10 hours today. The music is horrible…waiting for it to stop to catch.a few hours of sleep :S


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