Thursday’s Special: Lonely


paltry flower

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55 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Lonely

    • It is a lonely mountain flower 🙂 Meg, I have to apologize. I saw your email days after you had left Zagreb. I rarely open that account. Now I use gmail. I wish I had been helpful about suggesting places to see in my city. The other day I was in the botanical garden and I thought of you 🙂


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    • Thank you, CG. I like that mural on wood 🙂 Your participation this Thursday is much appreciated. It feels less lonely 😉


      • You won’t feel lonely on Thursday’s anymore! I’ve saved a bunch of drafts in both my blogs, so I’m sure I can easily find something that’s more or less suitable! Have a great weekend Paula.


  2. Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. Right now I’m listening to plumbers using electric jackhammers up on the roof of the flatblock, and I don’t think I’d do me best posting … 😐


  3. Not lonely, in solitude, I’d say…nothing absolutely anything alongside will take away but then then it also seems like a fiery, antsy heart longing to jive, one more time!!


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    • You are right, Sylvia. My readers made me see that the flower is not that sad at all. The song has power to it. It is sad, but shows courage too. So lovely to read you. xx


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  6. Delicate and, as Debbie says (and she would know!) exquisite 🙂 Nice music too. Who is it, Paula?
    I’m back, with over 1000 images. Good job I don’t do processing 🙂 It was fabulous! I’ll probably be in shape again for 6WS tomorrow. Are you ok, hon?


    • Hellooooooooooooo. Honestly I did not expect to see you so soon, though I thought of you quite often 🙂 I am relieved to see you are safely back and with terrific impressions. We are celebrating the Assumption Day here, as you have seen and Debbie suggests I should relax, so I must be OK. The house needs tidying up, and the laundry is piling, but who cares! A propos images, imagine what would happen if you were shooting raw formats like I do; right now I am in the process of eliminating pictures from Slovakia (making a narrow selection) as we don’t have sufficient internal or external hard drives to stash them all. 🙂


    • P.S. Music which I also love btw, is by American-Armenian Band System of a Down – I knew you were a hard rocker 😀


  7. I love the muted tone to this and to me it’s as if the flower is suspended or floating – very dream like. Do you know what type of flower/plant this is? It is very interesting to look at, much more interesting to me than the standard/typical flower photographs. I to am drawn to unusual things, so I am very intrigued by this photo.


    • You are right, Mark. It does look like a floater. I was instantly drawn to it. I knew we shared the flair for the unusual. I don’t know what this flower is called, but what’s in a name anyway ;). Thank you for your presence. Wishing you a nice weekend….


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