Black & White Sunday: Velvety

velvety jaw

Maybe you want to share your black and white photos with me? Grab the widget bellow and join me. Feel free to choose this or any other theme.



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45 Comments on “Black & White Sunday: Velvety

    • I meant to ask you: is there such an expression as flower porn or it is one of the words you coined? I noticed in your lily porn post last week that same expression… I am not shocked though I would probably use a different word (sensual, erotic) πŸ˜€


      • It’s just something I made up (I might have unconsciously picked it up somewhere, so don’t credit me for it): flower porn & cloud porn (cloud porn I know for sure that I’ve heard somewhere else) – I love those expressions.


        • I am planning on posting a lot of cloud porn in near future :D. You know I wasn’t being critical just inquisitive πŸ˜‰ If I didn’t know you better, I would think you put porn in your posts title to attract traffic πŸ˜€


          • Cloud porn photos are awesome. I think it’s safe to say that we all shoot them when we’re out flying.
            Putting porn in the titles to attract traffic would be counter productive, because the SEO that Google and many other search engines use, filter out porn & porn related sites from the searches.
            So, I really shouldn’t do it at all, but sometimes I can’t help myself πŸ˜€


            • Interesting. I did not know they filter it out :D. When you put that lily porn post, I went on searching (linguist as I am, to see if that is a common expression) and my search lead me to some porn site featuring a female called lily πŸ˜€ You should be yourself, and by all means use the words you feel like using. I see a lot of successful writing in blogoshpere, but many of them sound just like somebody else. I appreciate genuine voices/persons. For example I like to use words like “buggers” and “idiot” and some of my followers frown on that, but I need to speak up my mind.


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    • Then we have the same impression of orchid blossoms :). Beside wild cyclamen it is my favourite flower. I am also happy you enjoyed my music selection (Mogwai – Now you are taken). Thank you, Ese….


  2. The velvety sheen is lovely in black and white, Paula. I’m lingering a while because I like that track too. It took a long while to start but it suits very well. πŸ™‚ Sunday hugs!


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  4. I love orchids too – although I catch them in the wild, not always successfully. Oddly, I was dusting off a string of orchid photos as I broke to see your blog – hyacinth, greenhood, caladenia and donkey, all local. I need your photographic skill, although a few of mine aren’t bad: taken with the old camera, which I think I need to resurrect: only 3 megapixels but excellent macro capacity, which my 21 megapixel one doesn’t have.

    That shot of yours is wonderful. Do you grow orchids? You obviously know them or your photo would not have been so good.


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