Thursday’s Special: Bliss – Photo 101


Rhapsody in blue

“Every living organism is fulfilled when it follows the right path for its own nature.” – Marcus Aurelius

This Thursday I decided to combine my usual event Thursday’s Special with this month’s #photo101 project. Cheri asked us to include captions in our post, as well as alternative text and description of the scene. For the rest of the month I will (try to) merge my Thursday’s Special event with the Photo 101 assignment for that day. I will be happy, if you join me. Remember, for my event you can come up with your own special theme. Happy Thursday!




As usual here are the links to TS entries: 


Cardinal’s bliss in white

Drake’s Space of dreams

Ocean Bliss by Tish

Babsje’s breakfast poems 

Patricia’s Place of Bliss

54 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Bliss – Photo 101

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    • What a glorious piece of music 🙂 I would have loved to contribute this pic to.Gershwin’s music cover 😉 😀


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  4. I’ll keep this image in my photo-gallery , so as to be able to look at it whenever I want .
    …. the intensity of colours , the accompanying music and Marcus Aurelius’ quote make this post just perfect!


  5. All those gentle folding pathways at the heart of the flower are provocations to thought. Is your insect covered in pollen? Purpose almost achieved if so. That wonderful blue is a colour I find almost impossible to photograph. Another beautiful triumph Paula.


    • Yes, it is pollen Meg 🙂 It looked to me like a big feast for the small fellow – a total bliss 😀 Thank you!


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      • Happy to be back, and thanks for hosting. I’m really takenwith your blue flower photo – is it a morning glory or some sort of “trumpet” flower – sorry, my vocabulary with flower names is limited. Thanks for your kind words about my heron’s autumn scene. Best, Babsje


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