Thursday’s Special: Double – Photo 101



This month I am combining my Thursday’s Special event with the #photo101 assignment for that day. I will be happy, if you join me. Remember, for my event you can come up with your own special theme.





Check out beautiful contributions for this Thursday’s Special:

42 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Double – Photo 101

  1. Che bello questo volatile a due teste….
    Scherzo ; mi piace molto questa foto delle due anatre sovrapposte.
    Anche la musica e’ trascinante!


    • 🙂 The venue was England, the grounds of Blenheim Palace. Until then I only saw geese on plates cooked :O. I appreciate your kind comment, Tish. It means a lot. Happy Thursday, P 🙂


  2. I’m partial to ducks. Their placement in this photo is exquisite, and so are their feathers. Such inquisitive expressions too.

    No blog from me today, but my Thursday WAS special. I spent it in the Eurobodalla Botanical Gardens with a friend from England whom I met in the blogosphere while I was in Slovenia, and who has been staying for a few days.


    • Ohhhh.. that one is one of my proudest works :). Did you see it large in the original Thursday’s Special link? Thank you very much, Susan. Most people think it is just a widget and don’t realise it is another one of my photos…


    • Thank you very much, Joshi. This soothes my poor heart. The other day I was told that my animal photos are not quite as good as my landscapes and my “studio” work, so you might find more quality stuff if you look there 😉 Have a great evening!


  3. First time here – I love this theme (but have no pics:) ) Oh year, and I so agree with the “commenting and not clicking like”s!


    • Hello Jeannette 🙂 I have posted a schedule for this month’s theme on my latest post so you can check it out if you want to take part 😉


  4. Canada geese! These are incredibly popular in Canada, every spring there are areas around the city that have clusters of 20-30 geese as they take care of their goslings born at that time of year. They actually can be very aggressive when the goslings are very young, you have to watch not to get too close.


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