Sequel of Ideas for 2015? 

Read the highlighted article first please, and leave your suggestions in the comment section or just send me an email. You can find my email on the side bar on the right, under the copyright information.

I’m waiting for your ideas, either for Thursday’s Special post or Black and White Sunday. So far there are two posts scheduled for January, and one for February. I need a guest blogger that would host Black & White Sunday in February, and host bloggers for March for both events….



1) KNOWING YOUR PLACE – Guest post by Tish January 22, 2015

2) RESTORATION – Guest post by Jo26 February, 2015

3) ABSTRACT – Guest post by Suzanne – March 5, 2015



1) ARCHITECTURE Black & White guest post  by Cardinal Guzman – January 4, 2015

2) THROUGH – my idea scheduled for January 11, 2015

3) SHAPE B&W guest post by DebbieFebruary 8, 2015


List of bloggers who would like to take over and do a post on my blog:

1) Tish – KNOWING YOUR PLACE – January 22, 2015 … “What about photos from our home places – quirky or iconic – getting us to look at the familiar with fresh eyes, and sharing it with others with a brief explanation? ‘Knowing my place’.”

2) Cardinal Guzman is hosting Black & White Sunday on January 4th with the theme: ARCHITECTURE (you don’t want to miss this one cause he will ask you to do the shots of the same place again within three months time and see the difference, the change of seasons, change in your techniques)..

“First post:
First: Find some interesting architecture somewhere in your local environment (it doesn’t have to be the house next door, but somewhere you can return to fairly easy). When you’re shooting try to look for interesting angles, lines, curves and/or details that people might ignore. Try shooting from afar, see how it feels, then try some close-ups. Compare the shots and think about which ones that are most appealing. Keep in mind that it’ll be black & white, so contrasts are very important – you don’t want a grey and flat photo. When you know you’ve got your shot, turn it into B&W (or you can set your camera to shoot in B&W if you’re not into processing and software), do your post-processing (if you’re into that) and post it here in the blog. 
3 months have passed by….
Second post: 
Now the season has changed a bit, the light is different (at least it is in the Northern Hemisphere where I live). If the season hasn’t changed much where you live, choose a different time of the day to take your second set of photos: Go back to the same place. Re-shoot it and try keep an open mind and have a look at it with “new” eyes. Perhaps try a different lens? (a different lens is not necessary, but optional). 
Post the photo in the blog. Think about what has changed from your first post: are you a better photographer? Did you use a different lens? A different camera? Which version do you like best and why?”



40 Comments on “IDEAS FOR 2015? – YOUR RESPONSES

  1. What about photos from our home places – quirky or iconic – getting us to look at the familiar with fresh eyes, and sharing it with others with a brief explanation? ‘Knowing my place’. ‘Time travel’ is another thought – perhaps needs a better title, but shots of things and places/people that show something from the past that is still lingering in the present. I like the ideas of ‘through’ and ‘abstract’.
    Also what about those really failed photos that we all have, that suddenly turn into art works with a bit of cunning manipulation. Just thinking aloud here…


    • Very good ideas Tish. How about we arrange you a spot for a guest post? Would you like it to be for a Thursday in colour, or for a Sunday in Black & White?
      I will put you down for “Knowing your place”, just let me know if you are up for hosting it. You would write the article (everything depends on you, choose the featured photo) and I would press post on my blog. Then you would reblog it. Is that idea ok to you?


    • I like your idea of “time travel” too – it can be done to the past or future :O. I am normally inclined to all sorts of interpretation figurative or literal. 🙂
      Saving failed photos is also interesting …..


  2. Due to the various religious holidays coming up, I was thinking maybe a Thursday Special of, “Tradition.” Or if it can have more than one word, “Celebration or Tradition.” ??? A suggestion for a B&W Sunday, “Feelings” (because often feelings (beliefs, etc…) are either black or white), or “Feelings and Beliefs.” Since I am very new to this blog, I do not know if these have already been used.


  3. I’m going with a theme of ‘Restoration’, Paula. Some time ago I remember telling you about a north eastern grand house with a fascinating past. I never did get to write it and think it should work well?
    Still working this weekend? I’m sure you are 😦 Hugs!


    • Very interesting theme Jo. It will give most of us a headache. I am not working this weekend; just some pre-Christmas cleaning and making gifts 😉 I will schedule your restoration for February 26 then :). I am.sure it can be interpreted in a number of ways :). Thank you, Jo. You can find my email (gmail) to send me your post when you are ready. I am happy you decided on the theme so quickly. Hugs


  4. Here are some suggestions for themes, gathered from the landscape I drove through last week in that state of travelling suspension: on the road; bent; leaning; patchworked; coiled; fragile; layers; trails; fallen; flight; beyond; chunky; panels; folded; embroidered; misty; rimmed; crowned; horizon. Stop me!

    I’d like to do a guest post, but not till after the madness of the next six months, if you still want such a thing.


    • I’ve done layers for black and white Sunday this Summer, but it could be done in colour too. Horizon has been done, but could be done again I guess. I am not sure about chunky, embroidered, panels…. Meg, would you be willing to do a guest post like some other people that I have already booked for January, February and the beginning of March?


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