Thursday’s Special: Young

As I announced on Sunday the theme today is “young”, however the participants in TS know that they can always come up with their own theme and submit a photo (photos) of their choice. In the Sunday’s post you can find the list of themes for both Thursday’s Special and Black and White Sunday in December 2014. Next Thursday December 11, the theme is “imperfection” (a colour theme) and this coming Sunday  (December 7) the theme is “panorama” (in black & white).

As usual I have a musical score to go along with the photo.




The original Thursday’s Special post explains why I called this photo challenge a non challenge and why I dedicated it to Thursday. If you want to take part, leave me a link to your posted photo(s) in the comment section of this post. You are also invited to suggest photo ideas/themes for future Thursday’s Special posts in 2015.

Here comes the widget:  (pasting it to your post is optional)



As every Thursday, my dear blogger friends come bearing gifts: 


Jo’s Wonderland

Strawberry warning by CG

Young by PJ

Smile! by Debbie

Young by Willothewizp

45 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Young

    • Thank you 🙂 I am working from home today and using the opportunity to create TS page – at the moment I am assembling a gallery of some of TS contributions in 2014 with links to bloggers 😀


    • You mean the music from your part of the World? 😀 I hope you don’t hate it 😀 I will come to your blog with wishes…


    • Hello Angeline, how are you? I would like to ask you if you would be interested in having a guest blogger photo challenge post on my blog some time in 2015?


        • This would be great Angeline 🙂 I am really happy to hear that you are interested. Would you rather do a B&W Sunday or a colour post on a Thursday? I have planned guest posts (two per month – one in colour, and one B&W). So far it seems, that January and February are already taken :D. I would be happy to read you Angeline, whether here or via email (see copyright notice on the right) to hear your ideas and wishes. Warmest greetings, P.


  1. Oh so adorable! Love the capture of the wee ducklings. I can not wait for spring to see them meandering about by the river nearby.


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  3. Hi Paula – the music really surprised me -and was so nice for the young feel. and the blu int he image was stunning – made the yellow pull you right in – and u could feel the fuzz – so nice.. 🙂


    • These are the first ducklings I have spotted (ever) :D. Thank you for your visit, Uday. That book photo is really beautiful!


  4. Aah, I had many photos from Africa for this theme Paula. Just got busy with a lot of non blog related stuff. Hopefully back on track again. Lovely capture as always.


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