Thursday’s Special: Imperfection


The theme of this week’s Thursday’s Special is “imperfection”. I chose a macro photo of my colour pencils, but imperfection can be interpreted in a number of ways. We do live in an imperfect world and it shouldn’t be too difficult to come up with something to fit the theme. When I started this challenge in August 2013 I conceived it as a non-challenge event where you would challenge yourselves and I wasn’t going to impose any themes on you. However, time has shown that most bloggers prefer to be challenged by others and to be given a theme. This has made me revise the concept of my TS event and therefore I will provide a list of themes well in advance, which you can find on the menu, on a separate page “Scheduled Challenges”. There you can see the scheduled posts for a month or two in advance as well as the names of participating guest bloggers. I am still interested in your collaboration as I am looking for a guest blogger for a B&W challenge in March, both TS and B&W challenges in April and further on. Feel free to leave me your suggestions in the comments section or just send me an email. For those bloggers that do not feel like following the set theme, you are always welcome to submit an entry of your own choice. That’s all from me. Wishing you all a nice Thursday!






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71 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Imperfection

  1. Love it! If you hadn’t told us those were pencils I’d never have guessed. 🙂
    Very good composition Paula.

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  2. I never saw pencils that shape. I bet they smell great. Are they hard to hold? I still have tiny stubs of my first set which cost SO much more than I could afford 20 years ago. I’ve got LOTS of imperfection ! Let me look …be right back Paula !


  3. I love your quirkiness. No one else would ever think of pencils (masquerading as fondant indeed) as an image of imperfection. I bet what you produce with them is far from imperfect.
    Imperfection for me? My dress sense I suspect. Just bought two outfits for a wedding in the tropics in April. I’ll be cool in one sense, but not in the more important one. Now I just need a floaty mauve scarf to hide my totally imperfect upper arms!

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    • No, no, no, no selfies are allowed for imperfection… Church says we are all made at the image of God and therefore we are perfect ;). Upper arms (a painful subject); a scarf looks elegant for any occasion.. will be waiting and looking forward to your entry Meg!


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  5. Not an imperfection in sight as far as I’m concerned, Paula! Just another superb rendering of life through your lens. 🙂
    I love the pops of colour and the nibbled raw edges. It produced a big smile this morning. Happy Thursday to you! And Friday et al. 🙂


    • You have left me without words!!! I had no idea, Sylvia. Is there an end to your talents?? This is so lovely, and looks like a spot in my country that I am dreaming of visiting for my summer holidays. I will look at your linked post to see how it all started. This is wonderful. You are wonderful! 😀

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    • 🙂 Hello Hilary. Thank you. I meant to ask you… why is it not possible to comment on your blog I look at it often. Today I was checking out your photos from Slovenia and I wondered where you had had that best cup of coffee 😀


    • I would like to have a cactus like yours Patricia. It may not get enough sun, but it still looks really good on top of that cupboard. Thank you for this entry 🙂


  6. Great textures in your artlike pencils, Paula! The “music” cheered me up this morning! 🙂
    Ha en god helg, take care, pass godt på deg, vennen min


    • Absolutely, perfect beauty is not beauty to me. If everything is perfect then nothing catches my eye. I have been thinking about that for many years, trying to remember faces of “perfect” totally symmetrical people – BOOOORING!!! 😀


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