Thursday’s Special: Arranged



crveno abstract


This Thursday the theme is “arranged”. It can be something obvious, or something interpreted figuratively – the choice is always yours. You can also go with “out of the theme” entry.  Have  a happy Thursday!

P.S. Next Thursday the theme is “Diversity”. More details on Scheduled Challenges page…




Thank you for your entries. Make sure to click on the titles above the images to see the photos in their  posts.

Irene’s “Arranged”

Patricia’s “Arranged”

Drinking for the Sake of Art

 Ese’s “Arranged”

 Wind-blown by Tish

 “Arranged” by Daily Musings

 Straight winter mood by Drake

 Sylvia’s Flowers

 Kathryn’s new shelf

 “Arranged by Willothewizip” 

 “Arranged” on Laguna Beach

Amazed by Suzanne

 “Arranged” by Klara

109 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Arranged

    • I can see you prefer water – I guess water is your element 😉 Thank you very much for this gorgeous photo, Ese. I wonder in what country you took it. I love the carefully chosen quote too.


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  3. Wow! The blast of colour blew my socks off, Paula! I even forgot to put the music on 🙂 Superb close up! Yes, your posts do seem to be displaying ‘happy Paula’ right now. 🙂 🙂 I’m glad.
    No TS from me this week, I’m sorry. Just too much to do. I could just grab a bunch of flowers, but I wouldn’t be so disrespectful. See you soon!


  4. matches? I thought concrete – and then ear plugs – I have orange ear plugs that look similar. super cool shot – and the music – well i was just needing a stretch break – and this upbeat temp – perfecto !


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    • 😀 well, a blogger suggested it was something edible. I love your entry Tish. Clever, original, intriguing and beautiful.


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  8. Great music! Let me see what I can find dear Paula! I studied your photo and it was so appealing! However with Debbie’s help I was lost!


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    • I can’t believe how gifted you are Kathryn. I would be happy with a shelf like yours. Is the painting of you a self-portrait?


      • No, one was my daughter and one was a copy of an ad from a magazine. I wish I looked so glamorous ! Thank you kindly Paula~


  10. Thursday’s special – and so is some day at the end of the month. Am I right in thinking it’s time to say a very happy birthday? I’ll drink to a wonderful creative woman tonight, with my wiśnia brew from my daughter’s mother-in-law. May your year be pure pleasure. I’m glad I’ll be enjoying some of it with you. Take a birthday hug.


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