Thursday’s Special: Diversity

Can you guess what this is?




For this Thursday I chose the theme “diversity”. It does not have to be an abstract like in my photo. Go wild and shoot whatever you like  – I bet that “diversity” is fairly easy to find. Still, if you have something different in mind for this Thursday’s Special, you are welcome to publish a post with different theme. Just leave me your links in the comment section. Have a happy Thursday!

P.S. Next Thursday the theme is “Red”. More details on Scheduled Challenges page…




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59 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Diversity

  1. I think they’re drinking straws all bound together in a box or some other container (I was thinking PVC piping but the walls are too thin and I don’t think it’s manufactured in those colours).


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  3. Very jolly straws, Paula. I like the track too. But now you have set my brain a challenge – diversity. Hopefully, I’ll be back later 🙂


  4. L’effetto e’ incredibile! In italiano si chiamano “cannucce” (singolare=cannuccia), ma non era cosi’ facile indovinare….
    Bravissima , come sempre!


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  7. You’ve absolutely done it again, Paula. I had no idea what it was, except creative and beautiful, so I had to wait to comment till other people more clever than I identified. Yes I’m someone who needs paintings to have titles, and it shames me. Confession over, I can appreciate. An amazing array of shadow, light, outline, and colour. You really are an artist.


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  10. my guess was straws too – but then I thought some type of toy…
    and the upbeat tempo of the song matched the colorful, diverse feel of the straw image… 🙂


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  13. This is wonderful Paula! (I had no clue there are straws!!) It’s amazing how something we see and use everyday can be stacked up together to form such interesting shapes and patterns.


    • 😀 most of the viewers guess right 🙂 I agree with you – it is better not to focus on what it really is, but to see it as an ensemble


  14. Lovely photo! I shot a photo like that once (little different). Great to push your photography and creativity!

    Have a great Monday!

    Kind regards,


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    • I would list this one in my tech opus that is when I have at least 20 of different household objects shown in macro.;) So.far there were nuts (not eddible kind), matches, straws I need to.think of more ideas 😉


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