Black & White Sunday: Quiet



Maybe you’d like to share your “quiet” with me? Leave me links to your posts in the comment section. For further challenges please see Scheduled challenges page.




Click on the titles bellow to see the participants’ posts: 

Quiet by Ese

Quiet by Klara

Sarah by the Sea

Quiet by Sue J.

A Quiet Moment by Debbie

Quiet by Artistic Explorations

Fresh snow

Quiet waters

The quiet life

74 Comments on “Black & White Sunday: Quiet

    • Thank you DM. This was taken in my favourite park in Zagreb – the one I feature always for “changing seasons” challenge 🙂


    • 😀 It is not an umbrella, but I can see how you might think that. I guess that branches look wet too. I don’t mind if you are cheating. Photograph is about what is shown, not about what really happened. FYI, my capybara from Thursday’s Special wasn’t really cold 😉


    • Yes, it is a little sad and sad music was added to enhance it. Thank you, Tish 🙂 I am on a path of recovery I think….


    • It made me think you are the second person thinking it was raining.. Did you see an umbrella too, like Klara? There isn’t any umbrella in this pic, and though the ground was muddy and wet, there was no sign of rain in the air. It must be my editing and intent to give it this feel of sadness that you have recognised. Your entry for this Sunday has made me go WOW 😀


      • I noticed the person on the other side (or i had the feeling there was a person) but not umbrella. Just the glow gave the feeling the ground has been recently touched by raindrops. But then undertone for me was sadness…it could be felt in a few ways.
        Thank you, Paula, I always enjoy to give it a try with your challenges and see where they take me. 🙂


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  3. As soon as I saw this weeks topic, I knew it had to be a water shot for me. I see you chose water too Paula – it’s a beautiful shot with perfect musical accompaniment 🙂
    I’m just back from my US trip, so I’ve chosen a shot from Santa Monica pier. Hope you like it 🙂


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  7. What a stunningly beautiful photo Paula. You’ve inspired me to see what I can come up with.


  8. Oh,there are some lovely shares here, Paula! I’ll have to go visiting 🙂
    Hope you’re still coping. Can’t be much fun. Hugs!


    • I’m pooped, have just finished working. You can expect an email Wednesday night regarding your post (I hope to schedule it for midnight). You are supposed to.reblog it then (not to publish it from your blog).


  9. Wonderful quietness in those reflections. “Quiet” is a conceptual theme for a photo. None of my recent photo-subjects qualify. Twins are definitely not quiet, unless they’re asleep or up to mischief.


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