Black & White Sunday: Tribe (response to Guest Challenge)

Today’s challenger that appeared as a guest on my blog Guilhem asked us to post a photo/several photos that would fit the theme tribe. He was lucky enough to go to South Africa where he spent several days in the mountains of Drakensberg with Sotho tribe.

I did not have such opportunity and no matter how hard I thought of doing an alternative interpretation of tribe which can really be any group of animals, or even things, I found an easy way out by capturing a wall that has now been pulled down in my neighbourhood.



Β I hope you will join us and find something you can capture that would be related to “tribe” theme. Have a great Sunday!




To be able to see the entries click on the links bellow:Β 

Wild Horses

Tribe by Artistic Explorations

Cardinal’s take on tribe

Klara’s take on tribe

Ladyleemanila’s take on tribe

Irene’s Tribe

Elephant Tribe versus Man Tribe

60 Comments on “Black & White Sunday: Tribe (response to Guest Challenge)

  1. what a cool wall to find P- I like the triable art – and also every single window seems so unique – still finding details and little things in this wall…


  2. Ah, another tribe gone extinct?
    Lovely wall Paula (you know I’m a street art fan) and what a shame it has gone. I know street artists have to accept that their work is normally temporary, but it must be sad for them to see their creation pulled down.


    • I wish they could be given some permanent wall for these creations. The few walls that we have along the railway station has already been used.


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  4. It’s a difficult topic, and I was wondering what your photo would be, Paula, because you’re not usually a people shooter. πŸ™‚
    Nicely done.


    • Well noticed, Draco, but I was in an actual tribe I would pay them the same respect and would treat them with the same involvment as I do with my animals πŸ™‚


  5. A very interesting shot, Paula! On my Weekend Views is my Black and Whie Shot for this week – thanks you for hosting!.


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  8. Seriously not well, Paula? I wasn’t wanting to bother you this week because of your state of health but I came here this morning looking for your Special and now I’m feeling seriously anxious. Hugs, darlin’. πŸ™‚


    • Hello dear Jo. You are right I am seriously not well – not to be surprised after working sick for months, and Spring the first part of it was never my time of year. I hope that all of the things I have now are fixable. xx (here comes my “special”)


  9. Very beautiful entries for this B&W day! The ones from the island are my fav but all your pictures are great! Thank you very much to all of you and thank you Paula for hosting!!!


    • Thank you, Guilhem. I’ve just added the last entry (by Tish): Elephant Tribe Versus Man Tribe. Please, do check it out πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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