Thursday’s Special: Reflection




Today you are given the most common photo theme: reflection. It’s not difficult to find reflections around us, but maybe this time you could try to capture something you haven’t done before… Look around and challenge yourself! The deadline is next Wednesday.

P.S. See Scheduled Challenges page for forthcoming themes. Happy Thursday!




There are some great reflections from fellow contributors. Click on the links bellow to see them: 

Reflection a la Jo

Reflection by Klara

Call for thoughtfulness

Venice of America

Reflection from Wellington

Twilight Reflections

Reflected glory

London Street Reflections

B=blooms reflected …. 


Reflection a la Anna 

Silver lining … reflection

Reflections in a frozen river

Reflections by Daily Musings

Reflection by Artistic Exploration

Reflections by Irene

Windows & Doors in RVA

Reflection on Friendship

72 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Reflection

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  2. Thanks! Since all of us have a great many reflection pictures, this was a really hard choice. I hope I made a good one. This will be up on Sunday and thank you again for hosting the challenge.


    • Dear Debbie, I can’t open your blog :S. I opened Jo’s and other people’s without difficulties. I have no idea what’s going on, but I will try again later in the evening. I can’t wait to see your London reflections.


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    • Thank you, Patricia. I can’t open your blog now. I don’t know what is going on. I’ll try in the evening.


  6. More than duck reflection of duck. There must be reflections of the sky in the pink too. May Easter be special for you – maybe total relaxation, maybe something else. Take your pick!


  7. Such a stunning shot of this beauty Paula. Such a peaceful scene. Love it! 😀 ❤


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  11. I posted my contribution from “milanese blog” , but I see it’s been cancelled on my site….
    I’ll see to it again , later.
    Big , big hugs!


  12. Boa tarde Paula. Estou de volta à fria Amsterdam… and back to your challenge. Coincidentally I had just written something as a reflection but not as an image… I shall post that too and digress a bit form your prompt if you may allow me.

    I do love your photo. It is absolutely beautiful reflection in copper color. Yay!



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    • Te agradezco mucho. Hiciste un gran trabajo con los reflejos en las torres. Espero que te divertiste tomando fotos.



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  17. I like your duck – it seems like this fella is thinking – and the pumping music is so nice. I also really like the entries – looks like folsk did challenge themselves – and Paula – it is such treat to see the submissions with your thumbnail images 🙂


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