Guest Challenge: Architecture in Black & White 02



Cardinal Guzman:

In the beginning of January I had a guest post here in Paula’s blog on B&W architecture photography. Now 3 months have passed and it’s time for the sequel in the series. I hope that you joined the first post, but even if you didn’t you can still join this one.

Return to where you shot the architecture shots last time. Now the season has changed a bit, the light is different (at least it is in the Northern Hemisphere where I live). If the season hasn’t changed much where you live, choose a different time of the day to take your second set of photos. Re-shoot the same place and try keep an open mind and have a look at it with “new” eyes. Perhaps try a different lens? (a different lens is not necessary, but optional).

Think about new angles, lines, curves, things that you’ve might have missed last time. If it’s difficult for you to find anything new, maybe you can try to reproduce your previous shot? It can be a good practice to try to reproduce shots –  you’ll probably notice that it’s difficult to get the same shot twice, even if you try.

When you’re shooting try to look for interesting angles, lines, curves and/or details that people might ignore. Try shooting from afar, see how it feels, then try some close-ups. Compare the shots and think about which ones that are most appealing. Keep in mind that it’ll be black & white, so contrasts are very important – you don’t want a grey and flat photo. When you know you’ve got your shot, turn it into B&W (or you can set your camera to shoot in B&W if you’re not into processing and software), do your post-processing (if you’re into that) and leave a link to your blog here in Paula’s blog.

Try to think about what has changed from your first post: are you a better photographer? Did you use a different lens? A different camera? Which version do you like best and why?

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18 Comments on “Guest Challenge: Architecture in Black & White 02

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  4. Thanks for posting my article Paula.
    I think it’s appropriate of me to answer my own questions:

    “Am I a better photographer? Did I use a different lens? A different camera? Which version do I like best and why?”

    I used the same equipment, so neither the camera nor the lens has changed. In my last photo session I experimented more than in the first one, where I just put the equipment up and shot the photos. This time I used my mobile phone to do some light painting – a technique that I haven’t done often and that was on a whim. It was fun and definitely something that I’ll start to experiment with. In one of the shots you can even see what time it was.
    So, to answer what I think is the main question: “Am I a better photographer?” No, I don’t think that I am. Neither my knowledge regarding photographing nor my post-production skills have changed radically the last 3 months, but when it comes to the creative side of it I now have a new direction that I can (and will) play with – but probably not before the next dark season begins.
    For now I’ll enjoy the spring, the summer and the light season!


  5. I’m an early bird this morning. (cheep! cheep!) I’ve already been to see the Cardinal 🙂 This is good timing because of your concert last night. Hope it was a good one. Sunday hugs!


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    • You are supposed to approve it or not approve it. Depends on whether you want your link to appear on someone’s blog or not.


  8. really enjoyed this and I like CG’s view and suggestions – need to read this again – and so that is where I am going right now – thanks Cardinal


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