Black & White Sunday: Mirror Image

fusine_monochrome_potpis_zoomed in

This Sunday you are invited to post a mirror image for Black and White photo challenge. I chose a landscape photo for this occasion, but you can do as my friend  Lignum Draco did and post a photo of a human reflection, or landscape with a human figure in it, or you will, as I hope, come up with something entirely different.

Whatever you have to offer for this challenge, make sure to link to this post and I’ll be happy to display it bellow.

P.S. Next Sunday there won’t be a challenge here, and the same goes for the forthcoming Thursday because I will be away in Portugal. See you again on 20 May. For the list of further themes, challenges and guest posts please see the Scheduled Challenges page. 



Don’t forget to click on the  links bellow to see entries to this challenge:  


The Swimmer by Lignum Draco

3 parts of the self by Lignum Draco

Rainy Day Reflections in Istanbul

Mirror Image by Klara

Barcode Reflections

Mirror Image

Mirror Image by JM

Imagen de espejo

70 Comments on “Black & White Sunday: Mirror Image

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    • Draco, thank you for your soothing company, your inspiring shots, and all the appreciated comments and wishes. Will catch up soon.


  3. Are you sure this isn’t upside down? Your reflection looks more solid than the landscape, especially the clouds. An amazing shot, and a lovely double hourglass-on-its-side curve.


    • Yes, that is a very fortunate coincidence. Your entry is like a fantasy illustration; so very mysterious- needless to say – I love it!! Enjoy your time off Klara, and stay safe. I’ll see you in two weeks. (I’m planning to look for that anchor owl in Lisbon that I saw on your photo). If I see it, I’ll give it a pat for you 😀


  4. Love the serene music, Paula. The image looks like it could have been drawn in pencil (by someone very talented 🙂 ) I like it very much. Boa viagem!


  5. Amazing shot in black and white, and this structure
    I wonder how color is the possibility of seeing?
    I love your blog you can browse and at the same time enjoy the music interesting combination


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  7. Lovely capture Paula – reflections are such a photographer’s dream, don’t you think? I envy your trip to Portugal and it’s high on my bucket list! Have fun, look forward to your photos.


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  9. Late to the party as usual but here is one I actually had to think differently about. I love your capture and I love to take reflections off or on water but you captured it so well I decide to look elsewhere.Mirrors and windows were are ready covered so I thought what reflects within my sphere? That is how I got this one.

    Have a great time traveling and be safe Paula ~ John


    • Thank you kindly for the good wishes John and for this nice entry that has made me smile. You were just on time. I look forward catching up with you when I get back. Take care my friend 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Muchas gracias Mariangeles. Es una visita turistica 🙂 Abrazo y nos vemos dentro de diez dias.


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    • Patti, I don’t know if you would be interested, but I have to dare ask.. would you be willing to host a guest photo challenge some time on my blog? You would decide the theme, and I guess it would be in B&W. You don’t have to say yes, I just had to ask 🙂 (cause I admire your work)


      • That’s so kind of you to say, thank you so much Paula! I would love to host a challenge but it might take some time to come up with a challenge . . . . the imagination is feeling slow and sludgy lately!


        • There is no rush Patti 🙂 I was thinking Autumn or Winter months 🙂 Next Thursday Allan (the Mofman) will have one here, so you’ll see how it works. There have been more than twice per month as of the beginning of the year 🙂 And thank you for even considering it.


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