Black & White Sunday: Stronghold



According to the Learner’s Dictionary STRONGHOLD is:
: an area where most people have the same beliefs, values, etc.: an area dominated by a particular group
The area/district/state is a Republican stronghold.
: a protected place where the members of a military group stay and can defend themselves against attacks
The rebels retreated to their mountain stronghold.
: an area where a particular type of uncommon animal can still be found
The last stronghold of the endangered deer



This Sunday show me your capture that fits the definition of a stronghold. Make it look black & white.





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Up On The Roof

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Stronghold in Boston

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Laughing Buddha

Sturdy Beauty

65 Comments on “Black & White Sunday: Stronghold

  1. You’ve really excelled yourself with this sky Paula – and that’s saying a lot! You’ve also shown all parts of the definition you give with the structure and the graffiti. Uncommon animals? I wonder! The three-part composition is wonderful two, each layer so different.


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  3. It’s an incredible sky the one you captured here….the credit goes to you , for being able to seize the right moment….
    Skies change continuously………
    Beautiful, btw!


  4. I like the dramaof this shot. The processing on the sky is terrific. It’s an interesting challenge too.


      • I will get some enteries in soon. Ithere’s other stuff happening that’s dedemanding a lot of time but I will get to your challenges soon, I promise.


          • Sure thing. I will definitely get some of your challenges done this week. Thanks for your kind words -I hope your week goes well.


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    • Good afternoon Tish 🙂 This is a wonderful contribution from you, but then again, I could not expect anything less from you.


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    • 🙂 I didn’t realise that I had left a hint of colour :D. That’s cool. Are you still busy, Draco? Wish you a good week!


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    • 😀 Hello Klara 🙂 I did not go to that part of the bank, but I lingered in Belem for quite a while. It was a very exciting trip 🙂 But tell me please, where have you been on holiday?


      • as you already found out, I was in Japan. one laughing Buddha sitting in may hallway 🙂
        I loved Lisbon a lot – among other things that photo of me and the owl was taken during bike ride from one bridge (april something) to the other – Vasco da Gama – such a pleasant surprise that bike trail along the river from one end to other.


    • Marvelous take on the “stronghold”. Did you bring any laughing Buddha’s figurines home with you? I hope that you have. 🙂


  9. Nice. C’est en Corse? (D’après le commentaire + haut)


  10. Ah yes- I remember this one 🙂 Interesting treatment. Don’t know when I’ll be TS-ing again, Paula (or even what this week’s theme is, though I did look last week, I’ve forgotten) Blogging really matters very little when push comes to shove, doesn’t it, but I value the good friends I have made. Thank you very much for your kind offer. It’s a topic I can get very wound up on and that won’t help. Take good care of yourself, and I’ll be back soon. 🙂 Hugs!


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