Black & White Sunday: My Workstation (response to Guest Challenge)

This post is my response to a guest challenge hosted by the Jagged Man. His theme is “My Workstation”.  Please read his post to get an idea what you are supposed to do.

And here is my entry:




Wishing you all a happy and productive Sunday!



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55 Comments on “Black & White Sunday: My Workstation (response to Guest Challenge)

  1. I decided there definitely is a certain lovely way to start this Sunday – with your B&W Challenge, Paula, so…just went for it! Needless to say I really enjoy your interpretation, Paula – clever and beautiful at the same time…and the details, oh, love the details!
    After admiring (as always) the Jagged Man’ s exceptional shots and giving the theme some thought, this is my response:
    Have a wonderful Sunday! Hugs
    PS: “You think I’m afraid of your claws?”… I am still humming… 🙂


    • Ese I am so happy to see you back and honoured your return was with my event 😀 Thank you 🙂


    • 🙂 You said this was a pertinent challenge for you, so I am waiting for your response Meg 🙂 And thank you.


  2. This is such an original take on the theme, Paula – and so many frames within frames, juxtapositions, and paradoxes. There’s a sense of liberation of taking one’s laptop outside into a lovely space, and then there’s the image on screen repeating the view, and then the sense of freedom and movement that is given us by a static bronze statue, and she’s also crept into the laptop. And then there’s that ‘big bad cat’, looking us right in the eye, while the statue’s nonchalance says ‘who cares!’ Magic realism or what!


    • 🙂 I am very honoured and flattered with this analysis Tish. Thank you so much. I am really happy you like my response.

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    • It’s a park at the entrance of the Academy of Visual Arts, University of Zagreb. There are quite a few sculptures around, all works of former students, anonymous but original. I am glad you liked my idea. Looking forward to seeing your entry…..


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    • Hi Mark 🙂 I first took that sculpture photo (displayed on the desktop) a year ago in different season while the cat still had eyebrows 🙂 Was it a good weekend?


  5. I spent a lot of my Sunday eating Polish cake 🙂 No photos- too busy eating. Hope all’s going well for you, Paula.


  6. Well, that is certainly an inspiring place to work, though more likely I would forget to work and just admire the view. Lovely photo, Paula.


  7. Paula I apologize for not commenting on your wonderful take on this challenge. Actually for some reason I though I had but I was responding to your comment on my reblog………… sorry about that. Way cool shot and once again it was an honor guest hosting.

    Peace~ John


    • Dear John, you came up with an idea that made me think outside the box (which I tend to do when I am really challenged). It is so nice to hear you liked the response. Thank you again for this rewarding collaboration and I hope we’ll be able to do it again some time. My best to you and your loved ones. Paula

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    • Hello Joshi 🙂 How are you? Thank you for commenting. This guest challenge was a brainer for me 🙂


  8. Avevo visto il tuo post e ammirato la foto…
    …..Ma poi mi sono dimenticata di dirtelo con un commento!
    Bellissima, complimenti.


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