Thursday’s Special: Pattern

The theme of today’s photo challenge is pattern. Patterns are everywhere in our everyday life in architecture, clothing, nature itself, but when we talk about patterns we don’t refer just to visual forms,  but also to patterns of behaviour and other patterns that can be imitated. According to Random House Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary there are 17 different meanings of pattern. Do some research and get creative. Show me patterns in your life.

RAD_0087_kockicei_16x9 (1)_pb

Portuguese pavement (calçada portuguesa)

P.S. I am going off grid as of next Monday until the end of the month. The next Thursday’s Special is scheduled for 30 July.




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Le bonheur dans la rue

Three Rivers Petroglyphs, New Mexico


Le Bonheur dans la rue (I)

Part of nature

75 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Pattern

  1. I love the unevenness of the squares – a pattern, but not rigidly so. Enjoy your time off the grid – I hope it is for pure perfect particular pleasure!

    I’ve got a post scheduled for this afternoon, which I’ll go in and link to this. It happens with uncanny regularity that your theme matches a current post of mine.


    • Thank you 🙂 It is interesting to see how you capture corrugated iron. There are sure a lot of patterns there.


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  3. I love, love, love the topic for this challenge (as well as the gorgeous pavement – nice!) but can’t participate as I have just returned today from 10 days (unexpectedly) off-grid and am playing catch up. I hope to join in for the next Thursday’s Special at the end of the month when you return! I hope you enjoy your time off grid as much as I did.


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  7. Caught me out again! I thought I read ‘motif’ for this week’s challenge (but you are well entitled to change it 🙂 ) and I felt sure you would show that beautiful tiled roof of your church. Never try to second guess Paula! 🙂 You’ll have a black and white up on Sunday? I should catch you then but in case not, have a fabulous and restful time. 🙂


  8. Nice shots and great theme – there are patterns everywhere. It’s is interesting how patterns are found in everything we see and touch but we take it for granted because we are to busy to notice. Thank you for pointing out I need to slow down sometimes.


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  11. Such a wonderful ripple through this pattern! Enjoy your time off and hope the weather is good for you wherever you are!


    • 🙂 You are making this challenge a hit with your entry, Debbie. I can’t think of a better pattern 🙂 Thank you.


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  15. A very interesting observation Paula. I love the colors in this patter. Excellent shot hon. 😀 ♥


  16. yeap, you caught me out as well, I sneak peaked and prepared for ‘motif’ (just like Jo) :-). and, yes, you are tired, you linked ‘The pattern thoughtfulness’ and ‘Pattern by Sonya’ to the same blog post.
    your pavement looks nice and somehow nostalgic (bygone era), but boy, it is my nightmare!!!! brussels is full of cobblestones and although I am not a high heel person, I manage to ruin my flats on them. hate them!!!!
    ps. we should coordinate better :-), your leave ends and mine (just a week) begins. that means I will miss quite a few topics. (durenje) 🙂


    • Thank you, Klara. I corrected the link. I almost never take holidays in August (just if I go somewhere organised). August in Zagreb is my favourite time of the year 😉


      • me neither (holidays in august, or even july). it would be ideal time for staying in brussels (so many outdoors activities, concerts, events….) were it not for the chronically BAD weather. well, at least I cannot say that I am dying on melting asphalt during summer.


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  22. Hi Paula, just a bit more of “bonheur” … I was planning on a little essay, but I am still not sure I like the photos. So we’ll see. Have a great Sunday!


    • Thank you, Tobias. I like this variety from you. I am off to my holiday now (totally off grid – no Internet, no petrol, no drinking water :D) till the last week in July. See you then.


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