Changing Seasons 08

Ever since the beginning of the year I have been posting photos of my favourite park in Zagreb for Cardinal Guzman’s challenge (except for July when I took my break). Today’s post will reveal that Maksimir is not only aΒ venue for strolls and family time, but also for some unexpected photo shoots.




34 Comments on “Changing Seasons 08

    • Oh yes, we are very lucky to have this park in Zagreb. I hope you are enjoying your time off work Colline.


      • I am Paula. Feeling quite lazy sometimes. I am glad the heat has abated a little. Makes the time off more pleasant πŸ™‚


  1. How lush and luxuriant. And what a place for a wedding photo shoot, if you must do the wedding thing. My favourite are those ducks amongst the green water patterns and Lake #5. I’m really enjoying this seasonal series: even feel part of seasonal change after snow in Liston. Mostly our changes aren’t as dramatic as yours – eucalypts don’t go autumnal, although changing bark does mark time of year.

    I hope you’re not feeling too much like my granddaughter who wailed “Want to go back to the holiday” as they headed home from a week in Slovakia.


    • After holiday I have thrice the regular workload and the heat is limiting otherwise enjoyable free time activities. P.S. Slovakia is not the place that hubby and I would like to revisit.


  2. The duck family wins it for a dreamy photo! At first glance I thought the gazebo was a weather vane where the couple take turns popping in and out πŸ™‚
    I was going to ask if you’re back in the groove and catching up with work, Paula, but I have the impression you can never entirely catch up 😦


    • I won’t and it does not matter any more. I have much more important stuff right now. It happened to most of WP users to miss other posts, and I never complained.

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