Thought of the Day

If you repeat a lie a sufficient number of times, does it become true?





52 Comments on “Thought of the Day

  1. I have used that line many times in reference to a situation where someone was told something not true about someone, but told over and over until the “lie became their truth” It is very real and very sad when it occurs

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    • It’s frustrating. Recently I listened to an interview with a very smart and learned man (he is a priest, but a highly educated one in many fields); he claims that anyone of us tells at least 50 lies during the day. In most cases they are benevolent lies according to him, or lies known as “white” made up to impress others or to excuse oneself from commitments one would rather skip and so on. I hope that here on blog the ration is lower and that people don’t show up to lie.


  2. That seems to be many politicians and some of the media’s mindset — say it enough times and they’ll believe it. But in my book, a lie is a lie and only the truth holds up.


  3. It becomes reality because the truth gets so far away from people that they lose sight of reality.
    Those who lie believe in it after a while. Or need to.
    And to make matters more complex, some people’s perceptions are so distorted from reality that a lie is just what you think but not what they see.


    • Interesting play of words, Meg. Truth is power by definition and if it is combined with some real palpable power it should straighten the world.


    • I thought that too, though this issue can be a moral and ethical too. It is cool to see how people approach my quote.


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