Thursday’s Special: Backlit

For today’s TS  I am challenging you to post a photo with a backlit subject.

Backlight photography emphasizes shapes so you will want to look for subjects with strong silhouettes. They may be captured in natural light like in my photo, or with an artificial light source. As always the choice is yours. Just make sure it is in colour and posted before next Thursday.

My photo is showing the tallest lighthouse in the Adriatic shot against the setting sun. There are 45 lighthouses in Croatia, but many of them are no longer needed due to advances in technology. Instead, they have been turned into holiday apartments and are a big hit in Croatian touristic offer. This one is called Veli Rat and you may find it on the beautiful island called Dugi Otok (which would translate as Long Island).


(If you click on the player button above you’ll hear a nice instrumental piece from Dalmatia.)
svjetionik backlit_crop-1_potpis

Attention everybody! I’ve started collecting your expressions of interest to host guest photo challenges in 2016. There are already four challengers penciled in for January, February and March, but I desperately need a courageous blogger to host the B&W photo challenge on a Sunday (any Sunday) in January. Think of a theme you’d like to do and let me know, please.

Bear in mind that anyone can participate. You don’t need a “serious” camera or advanced knowledge of photography. It is all  about ideas, creativity, sharing i.e. seeing the world around us.





To see the participants’ entries click on the titles bellow:


The Sun Came Out on Monday


Fog backlit

Backlit by the sea


Backlit in the Loire valley

Sun Through My Window

Backlit sunset

Chinese Paperbark Maple

Backlit landscape

Backlit a bit

Almost Chihuly

Backlit Gallery

Backlit refraction 

Backlit on Lake Como

120 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Backlit

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  3. Maybe you’ll inspire me: this is not something I’ve tried. You’ve captured a lovely star of sunset, as well as the dark shape of the lighthouse. Black works nicely symbolically too, given the decommissioning of lighthouses.


    • From your lips to God’s ears, Patti dear. It is still a long way before I get well, but I keep hoping and that’s why I’ve decided to resume blogging. I am happy you like the photo.


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  9. As usual and as expected from you, a perfect picture and perfect illusion. You are a true master in capturing and emphasizing true beauty of this place. It was probably crowded just minutes before, well maybe not crowded, but a family of three or four constitutes a crowd in a place like this.
    I can only imagine discomfort you endured to bring us this picture. I guess temperature was around 40°C and humidity was relative 100% but that is the price one has to pay for perfect glowing red sunset.


    • Your meteorological guesses are pretty accurate. Moving on a poorly lit, rocky ground trying to find a good angle and as you said avoiding human obstacles while having a heavy lens dangling on my neck is quite challenging. I read your comment a few times. It’s a shame I can’t rate comments 🙂 Puno hvala Bumbarek.


  10. Hello Paula,
    Que de belles photos “rétroéclairées” 🙂 Ma préférée est celle du soleil derrière le nuage blanc. Cela en jette ! 🙂 Je vais devoir lire ton article attentivement et le faire traduire car je n’ai pas trop bien compris ta demande ?

    What beautiful pictures “backlit” 🙂 My favorite is the sun behind the white cloud. This throws! 🙂 I’m going to read your article carefully and have it translated because I did not have too much understanding your petition?


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    • Why should I mind?! On the contrary I am very glad and flattered to have you onboard June. Your work is always outstanding. Thank you very much for bringing something so new to this challenge.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I do keep my eye on your work, but juggling two blogs doesn’t leave me much time to join other challenges, though I am very tempted by your black & white next year.


        • I understand Jude. Maybe you’d consider being a guest challenger on my blog some time? It would be an honour to have you.


          • That’s very kind of you Paula. Maybe later on in the year. I hope to be moving before Easter so I have the feeling I won’t have a lot of time to spend on the blogs!


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    • And if you only want to do a colour challenge and only have time in January I can make an exception like I did for the Mofman this year and I can book you in January regardless of Tobias. That would make two colour challenges in the same month, but rules are to be bend for a good cause. Just let me know what theme you would like to do please, and of course it you prefer colour or black and white; January or April.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hi P – I want u to know that ending the year with a challenge booked with u (or maybe two) well it is extra sweet for me because i was changing blogs and juts had that major transition in spring when I hosted – and thx again for your flexibility – but she’s – feels better to be more settled and ready to host- oh and be back later with my backlit photo / it is featuring mon terero! Yeah baby! Ttys


  14. Hi p! I like the lighthouse and to think we could stay in there is fun. The song was nice and chillaxing tonight. Also – not sure if Gen (above) us signed up to host the January challenge – if not I would love to ❤️😏


    • My dear Yvette, I am so happy to hear that you would like to host a photo challenge. Would you like to do it in Black and White. Please let me know. In January Tobias from empire of lights is hosting the Thursday colour challenge. If you want to do it in colour, April is free. I have Klara signed for February for colour and Meg for March. They are all so keen on colour and I need brave people for black and white, so let me know hun, I know you can do it. If you prefer colour which is ok with me you can do it as of April onwards, or the best thing would be to do both challenges 🙂 🙂 ❤

      Liked by 1 person

            • What month would to host? I know have guests booked till April. If May is too far away, I could bend my rules and have 2 guest for B&W in one month.

              Liked by 1 person

              • Well I think May is out – but Can u email me – cos I will gladly do a color one – or anything – thx for being so hospitable – or seeing that you have things lined up for the year – maybe I can do a fall date – it could help me to ease back if I take the summer off again – so that is an option. – 😃❤️


                • If I understand correctly you can do either winter months and fall? If fall is not too far away for you it is great, we just need to pencil it down. 🙂 I will email you of course.

                  Liked by 1 person

                  • Oh that sounds great – and no need to email if we cover it here – ha! But sometimes emails are such a warm share Too/ anyhow fall it is – and I am thinking November or maybe October – hmmmm ttys


                    • Honey, when you have a second please see if I got your email right, if not please send me a quick word so that I can make sure I have your right address. Don’t think that I would not write to you an email over holidays. What kind of Ms Santa would I be! Ho-ho-ho


      • Well I would like to try the black and white – but do have a question and I also want to bounce a few images your way – I took one of some popcorn – ha! I will email u next week sometime – but in meantime I would like to try the b&w host – thx for the encouragement too –


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  17. Great shot. I would love to just sit there and soak that view in. Looks so peaceful. It has been a while since I visited (sorry). I need to get back on track. I miss your challenges.

    If you need a host, I can try to help. If I write it on my calendar, it happens. If I don’t… So tell me when you need help and I will make it happen:)


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  19. Wow! Wow! Wow! Not only am I in love with your image (you’ll always get me with a beacon from the sea) but there are so many wonderful entries from your participating community. What a treasure trove!


          • I am fine with either.

            My favorite theme is Street Portraits, but that has already been done here. So I thought ‘well, why do I love Street Portraits’? The answer is that I enjoy capturing ‘moments’, often starring people that I don’t know. This subject allows me a brief glimpse into the lives of others, one image in a string of frames that compose their ‘life movie’ or that serve as a film still to memorialize them. So with that, I could do a theme on ‘moment’ or ‘glimpse’ or ‘life movie’ or …I think you have also done ‘memorial’ so that is out. And if you prefer another theme altogether, I love the sea, city, and ‘world’ Open to suggestions.

            So excited


            • Hello Lisa 🙂 I have already scheduled this theme with “surreptitious photography” 🙂 You can see it on my Scheduled challenges page.

              Liked by 1 person

              • You do indeed. OK, since you are going to do the ‘surreptitious’ topic, here are some other suggestions I have for a guest post based on favorite topics of mine.

                – One (Or Alone)
                – What Makes You ‘Click’ (gets people to talk about their favorite subject to photograph)
                – Fear (the top emotion in today’s world. Participants could share what they fear, facing a fear, the look of fear)
                – Decay
                Backyard (my backyard is always changing as I sail from place to place, but interestingly, it is my first backyard from my childhood home that remains my favorite-participants could share their current or favorite)
                Addicted To Color (I’ve used this a couple of times on my blog and could certainly build upon for this guest challenge)

                If you don’t like any of these I’m sure I could come up with others.


                • Hello dear Lisa 🙂 I am overwhelmed with a great response by bloggers. I have already filled March with both challenges. Would you like to appear in April? “One” for Black and White? I did “Decay” in the latter half of 2015, but we can do it again if you want in black and white too. Fear is a great theme though I am not sure how to capture it 😀 What makes you click is a fabulous engaging theme. You are a gem, my friend. Please choose your themes and you can do both Black and White and Colour guest hosting on two different occasions. THANK YOU, Lisa 🙂 🙂

                  Liked by 1 person

                  • Wow! I would be delighted to host twice! ‘One’ for black and white in April and ‘What Makes You Click’ in color whenever you want. I could totally make ‘Fear’ work as well….maybe in 2017 😉


                    • I like that you are so flexible Lisa. I have penciled you down for April (you can see it on Scheduled challenges page). Tomorrow I will put a link to your blog and refine the look of themes to come. As for the other theme – what makes you click (in colour), choose a month that you like: from June to the end of the year :D. I also like that you are a long-term planner like me thinking about 2017. Are you an Aquarius by any chance?

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • 😊 I am a Cancer but a Project Manager by trade so always looking ahead. Let’s do June or July for ‘What makes you click’. Both months are good for me.


                    • 🙂 You’ll be a June Bride then 😉 And we’ll do fear next year if you still want it. I know I do and I’ll have a whole year to look for the opportunity 😀

                      Liked by 1 person

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  21. That is a beautiful shot, Paula! There are some lovely entries. Missed seeing your posts. Just got into our new house. Now we have to unpack all the stuff we just packed! Should be back after the new year. Take care! 😊


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