Thursday’s Special: Life-Size

I guess that you may need childhood imagination to respond to this challenge or maybe not. If you don’t like it, just bear in mind that it is not easy to come up with a different challenge twice a week, every week. Thank heavens for my guest challengers that help me with their inputs and imagination.

Feel free to interpret this theme as freely as you want……




 P:S. I decided to leave the commenting free of moderation. I can always subsequently delete spam comments or trash-worthy comments. I’ve noticed that having comments “subject to moderation” means more work for me, and it is time I made my life simpler and easier 🙂

Now, I would like you, please, to take a moment of your life to answer the following poll. I have been thinking about these small preview images of contributing posts (from bloggers that participate in my challenges). I know that many people like having them displayed here, but some may not, and also viewers that use phones to check on WordPress events see these little previews as large as my own photo. Once or twice it happened that people thought they had all been taken by me – I don’t want mix-ups and I would hate for people to think that I take credit for the work of others, so please take a minute and answer this:


This is Thursday’s Special, the photo challenge you love to take part in every (or almost every) Thursday. Leave me your links and please don’t forget the poll – it matters 🙂




Click on the titles bellow to see the participants’ posts: 


Bigger than Life

The Memorial

Life-size by Pommepal

Life-size by the Jagged Man

Life-size rugrats


Life-size by Empire of Lights

Life-size by Traudel

Life-size by Sonya

81 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Life-Size

  1. Brilliant shot Paula – I love it!
    It’s a good theme – there are always a million ways for people to interpret a theme and match it to their own style. So keep up the good work


    • Thank you for the encouragement Debbie and your excellent entry for this theme. I am so very pleased 🙂 🙂 🙂 P.S. I had very little time when I was in London on the organised tour, and I wanted to visit the British Library (we were in a hotel very close to it). Maybe next time.


      • It’s worth a visit, even if only brief. They have some good exhibitions on and an excellent bookshop – I go there a lot. And sometimes I go in to do research,
        I used to work at the British Library (when I was 21!) but before this building came along. It was in the British Museum then, and I worked in the amazing Reading Room. Sadly it is closed to the public, since 2013.
        Make sure you come back soon!!

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        • If it is closed to public, than who is using this Reading Room – only the library members? Imagine you working there. I would have loved that too myself 🙂


  2. I love the interpretation of the theme. I never had a little pedal car or the like but I did learn to ride a full size woman’s bike at 5 years of age. I can tell you I wish I had a little car like this because I was prone to crashes if you can imagine that.

    Also I do not mind the thumbnail previews, nor that you have taken credit for anyone but your own work. I feel proud to see my thumbnail pic by my link but do what is best for you.

    Peace~ John


    • Seeing a five year old you riding a grown woman’s bike would be priceless 🙂 Thanks a lot for your input John. I really appreciate it. Take care.


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  4. ha,ha (“bear in mind that it is not easy…” ) – I couldn’t agree more. I admire you for coming up with so many different subjects and always having a thought accompanying them. chapeau!


  5. G’day Paula, another thought provoking challenge. I’ll have a think and be back later.
    As to your poll I think it is interesting to find out peoples thoughts. I do like the little thumb nail images but I feel it is extra work for you. Other challenge posts seem to just put links, some just leave the links in the comments for you to find and go to. I think you are the only one that I know of that puts the thumb nails in and it is very visual. I’m sure it must be time consuming for you and with your present work load I suggest you do what you find the easiest for you.


    • This is a very generous thinking Pauline and I am really thankful and appreciative. I don’t mind being different if it pleases people. You are right about it being extra work 😀 Heartfelt thanks 🙂


      • Blogging should be enjoyable and definitely not something that creates stress. Take care my friend and do what you think is right for you, it is your blog and your followers will still enjoy it.


        • You are a very kind and nice person Pauline, and your words mean a lot to me. Today I felt I needed to write a post about this issue where I explained how I feel. Thank you for everything.

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    • Glad you raised those points, Pauline. I voted for ‘A’ because I was only thinking that they give Paula’s page an attractive look, and not of the time involved. I should think following people’s links left in ‘comments’ is perfectly fine for most of us, and especially if it means less work for Paula.

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      • Thank you, Tish. I posted little images to show my followers that I appreciate their contributions, and to tempt others to see their blogs. I have to disagree about them giving my page an attractive look. I want my page to be minimalist and whenever possible I only post one photo. I even find widgets to be too much, but they proved to be a standard around here. So, I really only did it for others (regardless of how much I may like some of the entries).

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    • I can only imagine Linda, and I am sorry I lost touch with you (not your fault) for a while. A very complicated month and I have to say six months are behind me and it is not over yet. I was absent for a really long time, and when I finally came back I had to disappear again for a few weeks. That’s life.

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      • Don’t you worry, Paula. I just hope things work out the way you want. I’ve been AWOL here myself with the move and now trying to get set up and oriented. I’m way overdue for a post! Take care!


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    • Tu veux dire q tu aimes bien les deux photos au desous de la mienne? Je ne pourrais jamais etre un belier. Je suis Verseau. En effet, le belier est le signe qui me plait le moins de tous les signes.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Je pensais justement à ton signe ce matin en me rasant. 🙂 Si ton anniversaire était il y a qqs jours, tu ne pouvait être ni l’un ni l’autre. Ni Capricorne, c’est fin décembre, début janvier. Donc Verseau. Très bien.
        (J’espère que les Versaux et les Sagittaires s’entendent bien. “Chuis” pas très au courant sur les signes du Zodiaque) 🙂
        Allez: un très bon week-end.
        Cuídate mucho.


    • P. D. No entendi si te gusta q muestre las imagenes q tomaron otros q participan (lo q pregunte en mi “poll”) o te referiste simplemente q te gustan las imagenes. Menos mal q te gustan si la mia no te intereso. I asked people to vote.

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      • Je me suis “mélangé les pinceaux”. I like the toy car, it has an atmosphere of magic. Though I wonder where the little driver went. 🙂
        Le fait est, que ça peut prêter à confusion de poster les images des autres. Je me rends compte, a posteriori, qu’on peut penser, à tort, que toutes les images sont les tiennes. Donc, c’est aussi bien de les enlever. 🙂


    • Ha ha ha – He is adorable, and your photography the standard high-quality, but you already know that, John. Thank you very much.


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  8. Paula, you do not need to apologize. This is a great challenge. Supposing irony is allowed, I think I have an idea. I will have to try something this afternoon or tomorrow, hoping I’ll get done in time… Cheers!


    • I would call it “justification” rather than apology 😉 (I am a linguist sorry, and it is about time I stopped apologizing). Some things are happening in the blogosphere that make me feel rather low, and I have to reexamine my conduct. Thank you kindly Tobias.


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  12. Thanks for this challenge, Paula. You inspired me to sped a little money on toys (waaay cheaper than any photo equipment!) and then have loads fun with them. Lighting the little things was a bit tricky though…


    • And I hope this is not the last time you use them for your photography. What did you use for light. (I’ve just remembered I have a model of dinosaur from London Natural Museum)


      • I used natural light on my table top which was quite a challenge. But I did not want to fiddle with white balance. Most picture were taken this morning.


          • It is cress, actually. I balanced the little pot on our balcony’s banister because I wanted the background to be green.


            • Wonderful idea, and you have made such great use of natural light. Do you usually do evaluative or spot metering? What do you shoot with?


              • The camera for color photograph is a Sony a6000 with a 24/f.1,8 lens practically glued to it. My default mode is M. I meter center-weighted and fly by sight from there, trying to avoid overexposed lights…


            • This is the first time ever I had an impulse to reblog someone’s post, but you already have a link and a small preview image. I just wish that all participants come here and see your work.


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