Thursday’s Special: City Dwellers



They inhabit our streets, our parks, linger on our benches and balconies. In Spring their sounds wake me up in the morning and I curse them like pests, but they are here nonetheless; city dwellers just like us.


city dwellers_potpis


city dweller_drugi_potpis




city dweller_treci_potpis


city dwellers_cable_potpis


If you want to take part in Thursday’s Special photo challenge (in colour) leave me your links and pingbacks. Once published your entries will be assembled on a separate page in a slideshow. I will also enclose links to your entries in this post.  For forthcoming events, please see Scheduled Challenges page. Have a great Thursday!





Here are the entries to this challenge. Click on the links:

62 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: City Dwellers

  1. Ha, I wondered if they might make an appearance!
    At least they are less violent than the seagulls in a lot of coastal places.
    I’ll be back with mine soon. Hopefully 🙂


  2. ha, you took me by surprise. I was prepared for human city dwellers. but, not ‘complaining’ – have a few fellow city dwellers up my sleeve.


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  6. PS. On top of posting your wonderful photographs, you always take great care to select a special “audio”, which must be a lot of work. Compliments…


  7. Like a bird on a wire! Love that song. How are you? I’m home later today and have just got a connection to our neighbours Internet. Since it’s gloomy here today I’m having a quick catch up xxx


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  9. Love your slide show feature Paula! I’m reading on my phone so can’t view it properly but will have a look when I get back. (Nor can I easily listen to your soundtrack) xxx


    • Thank you, Jo. How was your trip? You’ve missed some posts where I explain why I gave up on preview images of entries.


  10. Our comments passed each other! Am currently eating breakfast. Had a wonderful time and very social. The weather didn’t always cooperate but I can live with that. Heading for snow in the UK I understand xx


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    • 😆 crows are starting to be a big menace too, and those beasts are so clever. Thanks for teaching me a new word, Allan 🙂


  12. During our Canadian winters birds are at a minimum with only the hardiest hanging about. Seeing these lovely colors and bright eyes makes me yearn for spring. The image with the birds on the wire absolutely fabulous Paula.


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