Black & White Sunday: Rural Photography

When approaching rural photography you may think of it as rural landscapes (which is perfectly fine) or you can capture something (or some place) that has to do with a rural lifestyle. Your photos do not need to show what life used to be in the past (which is the case with my photo of a reconstructed Iron Age Celtic farmstead captured in Slovakia at Liptovska Mara). It can be rural life as it is today, with or without livestock, abandoned or active. The choice is yours.


rural photography_another-1_potpis_manja

 (click on the photo to see the full size image)

I look forward to your photographic interpretations of rural. Make them Black & White and link to this Black & White Sunday challenge.





Please check out the entries for this challenge. Click on the links bellow:


On this page you can see slideshows made of participants’ contributions.

80 Comments on “Black & White Sunday: Rural Photography

    • Probably because of the lack of colour. It is very nice to hear from you, Charlie. Have a good week and thank you for the visit and nice comment.


    • I appreciate it, Sonya. I love your fence and your edit also which gives it a vintage look. Happy to have you on board.


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  3. Queen of the skies is back at work. I now know where to go if city life in Warsaw palls. An Iron Age farmstead might be just the retreat I need!

    Here’s my contribution, via pingback.


  4. You’ve got Meg working hard, again! 🙂 Happy Sunday, Paula! This is always an interesting place to spend some of it.


  5. What a beautiful shot- a bit haunting- the clouds, the trail leading to the woods- I really like it Paula. Like the music too 🙂


    • Thanks, Klara. It is different from the ones I saw in the UK that apparently date to the same period. The nature in Slovakia is breathtaking.


  6. V. interesting photo from the Iron Age point of view, Paula. Very different from our British Iron Age with its large round houses.


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    • Far from “wild” It is lovely, Marilyn. I love that staple and that watercourse. It would be a small town in my country 😀


  10. There are so many things to admire, here…
    ….. that marvelous composition , then the wood , against those gorgeous clouds on the background and finally the way you managed to capture the atmosphere of the place….
    My congrats, Paula!


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  12. I shall have to post my ‘soon to be’ rural view, but not tonight. Your Iron Age Celtic farmstead is wonderful. I like the composition, the clouds, the trees and the way you have captured the isolation of the place, with the buildings hunkered down and protected by the woods behind them.


    • Take your time Jude. I am very glad you like the photo. It is situated in an idyllic setting whose beauty is even more evident in B&W. It is good to exchange views with you 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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  14. Wow! What a lovely picture this is..Gives you the perfect feeling of a rural atmosphere!
    Love it 🙂


  15. most people i know would freak out.what no electricity or running water! fer me 2 kewl fer skewl what a wunderful place , an nice photo also 🙂


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  17. What an amazing and stunning capture Paula! I wouldn’t mind living there either. 😀 ♥


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  20. J’aime bien le contraste des nuages, c’est comme une horde de cavaliers qui va débouler d’au-delà de l’horizon…
    🙂 (Like)


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