Thursday’s Special: Physical Phenomenon

This Thursday I want you to get physical and show me a natural phenomenon that arouses your curiosity.

I find that condensation lends itself to great photographic possibilities, and you may find your inspiration elsewhere. Physical phenomena are all around us; just think of “Brazil nut effect”, foam, ice, cereal floating in a bowl of milk and clumping together. Think about magnets, static in your hair, or show me the most beautiful one of all – a rainbow. I look forward to your entries which will be again displayed on this page.

Happy Thursday!




I’m proud to present the links to the entry posts:

80 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Physical Phenomenon

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  2. Paula I love to photography water drops but honestly mine suck. I cannot say that about yours for they are lovely and full of light and life. Very nice!

    I decided to join in, even though knew I wouldn’t get a chance to get any new captures for a couple of days, and new immediately what I was going to choose. So here is my choice and I used photos I have posted in the past with the exception of one.~John

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  3. It just gets better, lovely lady! Absolutely exquisite! There’s magic in this capture and I love the hypnotic track. Happy Thursday, Paula 🙂


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  13. Baubles and beads of water — beautiful, Paula! I love this. And you always pick music that enhances your photos and the feelings evoked! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, my friend! 🙂


  14. Light, contrast, colour and composition — all these elements have contributed to the visual appeal of this image. Very well done, Paula.


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  16. This is a very beautiful photo, Paula. Also an excellent challenge, most especially because it makes us think and look with more care and focus.


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