Thursday’s Special: Forbidding

After last week’s great response from my blogger friends that manifested in a large number of excellent entries this week’s theme comes in a different spirit.

You are well aware that we live in the world that is getting less and less welcoming with wars, terrorism, masses of refugees trying to reinvent their lives  somewhere else and that we must work harder than ever to make our living (well, most of us) and that we feel less secure with each coming day. All this has caused me to come up with the today’s theme “forbidding”.

Whether you are going to post photos of unwelcoming spaces, frightening things, and dreadful scenes or look for a menacing sky or just edit your photos to give them a grim appearance it is up to your creativity and imagination. Wish you all a Thursday of peace!






Entries for the forbidding challenge in order of appearance:

91 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Forbidding

  1. Wow, Paula, that place is forbidding. It might not even be that bad if they would cut back all those trees. It’s so forlorn! Perfect for your challenge! 🙂


  2. Your photo speaks of neglect and decay, it’s absolutely perfect for the theme. What an interesting challenge.


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    • I’ve beaten you to it ;). I am glad you replied already and positively to my question :D. The captures are beautiful. I love dramatic skies and you know that. The second one will be in my gallery. xo


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  6. That looks like a place where you can hide for everyone and where no one will bother you at all. Stunning shot Paula. 😀
    How are you doing sweetness? ♥


    • Hello honey bee :D. I am back to work after a long Easter weekend and working on my job and some volunteer work (assisting in someone’s healing). That will be good for my karma. Apart from that am trying to ignore hay fever which is not too bad yet, having a few teeth crowned today, and still recovering slowly from my bad knee. That’s all 😀

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      • Hey sweetness! Keeping busy I see and that is good, especially where the healing is concerned. We all need it in our lives. You are such a special soul. 😀

        Oi! Hay fever sucks indeed and I am glad it’s not too bad yet and my wishes are that it will just go away and never bother you again. 😀

        Sounds like you’ll be smiling broadly again. At least we still have teeth that can be crowned hey? Sorry to hear that the knee is not doing so well. Sending you lots of ♥ Hugs and Kisses ♥ so it can recover all the way. ❤


  7. Your litany of threats reminds me how lucky I really am when I feel like sulking about my lot! The engulfment of the building is a wonderful visual metaphor.


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  9. Your cottage reminds me of fairy tales like Hansel and Gretel. Forbidding indeed but in reality there is probably a warm cosy fire in the living room and aromas of fresh baked bread wafting around. Mine this week
    By the way – I thought the music was quite forbidding this week. For some reason forbidden drumming came to mind and I was planning on going down that track (had the photos for it) but when I heard the tune I couldn’t stand it so the angle changed. Thanks for such a great prompt and for a Thursday of Peace.


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    • Thank you kindly, Tobias. It would be very interesting to see your interpretation. Are you considering taking part in this challenge?


      • Actually, I always consider participating, Paula. But time is often a problem if I do not find something worth sharing in the archives. For this challenge, there might be something in film but it’s not yet scanned (I only remembered those pictures yesterday). I’ll do what I can… Cheers!


    • You are absolutely right, Sue. Now with blooms on these same trees the house looks less spooky and just overgrown. Going out to same spots over and over again reveals a lot. Thank you for your considerate and perceptive eye 🙂

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  19. It took a bit of an effort because I had some ideas but the pictures would not work they way I’d want them to (mostly, I was not satisfied with the compositions which struck me as boring). So I had to take another shot at it. Am I still in time?
    Have a great Sunday!


  20. …..And I’ve just realized that my previous comment hasn’t appeared , yet…
    So, I’ll post this one to tell you how much I love your post!


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