Thursday’s Special: Three of a kind

You should only stick with your own kind.


jabuka_trio_graduated red-1.bf_potpis



jupiter najnajnoviji


This is my photo challenge in colour that takes place (normally) every Thursday. There is no much to say today, except that I would like if you could join me again. May this day be easy and breezy for everyone!


Here are the participating posts. They are lovely. Have a look by clicking on the links bellow:


123 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Three of a kind

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    • Oh yes, I know what you mean Lena, and I am very happy and grateful for your comment. Apple is a sensuous fruit, and it used to be called “pomme d’amour”. Here in some folk tradition in rural areas on some festive days and celebrations girls would offer an apple to boys they liked and that’s how the dating started πŸ˜€ Apple has been seductive since Biblical times and I am glad you recognised that quality in my capture. Now, enough about praising me. Do you have something for me today? πŸ™‚


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  4. Yes, definitely a look of ‘old master’, Paula. The red glow is so beguiling – as if one’s just opened the door a crack – peeking into a dark apple store on a warm autumn day. Mm. Can smell apple scent now.


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  6. I want to be able to do this! It’s a beautiful symphony of light and shade. That lovely gleam, and detail of the skin, and then the darkness. I don’t know, however, that you should only stick with your own kind, unless this is interpreted very very broadly. For a start, I like dogs, and flowers, and rocks, probably more than plenty of people! Easy and breezy to you too my friend. I’m off to the Jewish museum, so I suspect my day won’t quite be easy and breezy.


    • Ah no, this does not exclude other species, just different moral characters πŸ˜‰ Why won’t it be. Breathe in deeply, Meg. Sending peace your way.


  7. Nice light and shadow here Paula.
    “An apple a day”… So, this should be enough to keep the doctor away for 3 days.
    Unfortunately I don’t have any three of a kind photos in my drafts folders.


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    • Glad to hear you landed well πŸ™‚ Please take care Jo and mind your step πŸ˜‰ (thank you for finding resources to connect and stop by)

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  17. Such a great capture Paula. Made me think of the ‘An apple a day…’ saying. I don’t care much for doctors, but seeing your beautiful photography certainly brightens my days and keeps the doctor away. πŸ˜†


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  24. Le fond noir c’est gΓ©nial pour faire ressortir les couleurs et le travail de lumiΓ¨re est primordial! TrΓ¨s jolie rΓ©alisation qui n’est pas un exercice facile ツ

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