B&W Sunday: Rhapsody in Black & White


Defined primarily as an instrumental composition irregular in form and suggestive of improvisation, then as an ecstatic expression of feeling or enthusiasm or an unusually intense or irregular poem/ piece of prose, rhapsody is also archaically known as a miscellaneous collection; jumble. 

The track I enclosed here is not a rhapsody, but this plantation of tulips reminds me of one.



Maybe this broad definition of the word will help you come up with  a response for today’s challenge. If that is the case, link to this challenge post and leave the links to your posts bellow. Wishing you all a happy Sunday, I’d like to note that the next B&W Sunday challenge will be on 8th May.

I’m on a blog break from 27th April to 4th May.




Please check out the entries for this challenge:






52 Comments on “B&W Sunday: Rhapsody in Black & White

    • Thank you, dear Linda. I will take a short break as of next Wednesday to recover from all my stresses. Will talk soon.


  1. The music is awesome! Happened to have headphones on and it has a great beat and feels like a story – oh and the flowers in b/w are striking – happy Sunday P 💕❤️


    • I’m glad you like them, Lisa. Thank you, and if I don’t see you before sail off, calm seas and best of luck. I’m taking a break soon.

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          • I am sorry to hear that your health has worsened Paula. I had in my mind that you were heading to Italy at the end of this month for some reason. Take care of yourself. Sending positive vibes and lots of love your way.


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  3. Exquisite, Paula! I love the sheen on that ‘lead’ tulip. 🙂 I have some splendid tulip soldiers just beginning to acquire their hue in our English garden and the white Amelanchier flowers against rust coloured leaves might well convert to a rhapsody in black and white. With your skill I know they could. 🙂
    Enjoy your break, hon. I know the stresses are enormous, and can only wish it otherwise for you.

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  4. Oh, the intricacies you’ve captured in that foreground tulip! These are tulips as I’ve never seen them before. I love the way the background ones still have shape but stand a bit blurred to give centre stage to the foreground beauty.

    I hope your break is from all stresses and strains as well as blogging and refreshes you.


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  8. So my minds is not a jumble of thoughts but a land of vivid and musical rhapsody…. Love the interpretation of your theme and the music exquisite. Have a wonderful time away ~John

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