Thursday’s Special: Scattered

When things are scattered, they are spread out all over the place.

Scattered can be villages, houses, trees, showers and the list goes on. Scattered can also mean messy. This Thursday, after a two-week break I am challenging you to post a photo (or several) of things that are scattered. It’s a bit how I feel at the moment. Wishing you all a happy Thursday.



 jupiter najnajnoviji

P.S. This coming Sunday we are celebrating Mother’s Day and I will be away for the day which means that the next Black & White Sunday will be on the 15 May. 


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79 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Scattered

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  2. However you feel the photo is beautiful. Just moments ago I managed to scatter sugar from my coffee all over an orange rug. If I had known the theme I might have reached for the camera instead of the dust pan! Hugs from Poland. Meeting Meg tomorrow if all goes to plan xxx

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  3. Such a beautiful image, Paula. Am off out for the day, so you will have me searching for ‘scattered’. Hope you had a good break. Hugs.


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  7. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day Paula. Love your image which really looks like it should be on a gallery wall as far as I’m concerned. Very thought provoking.


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  12. This is magnicent. The colours, the clarity, and the faint hint of geometry. A dirty window? That shall be my excuse whenever I get the guilts. Wishing you beauty in life too.


    • No use feeling guilty about small stuff. I appreciate your company Meg. Enjoy your day and have fun with Jo 😀


  13. Amazing how strong drops of water (or oil?) can look on a metal surface. I can relate to this too, I knew there was a word for how I am feeling these days – ‘scattered’ does nicely.


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  16. I love the colors. Aloha Friday hope you are able to take a break this weekend. I know how you feel about scattered. I feel like I am stretched too thin.


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    • I’m very glad to hear that you could fly, Debbie. That’s really fortunate. Great to have you back.


  19. Dear Paula. I really respect your taste… in music and in timeless cross sections of time… Thank you for sharing.


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