Voting Time

Last week for Thursday’s Special the following entries were submitted. Some of the participants came up with posts featuring several photos, but I took the liberty to select one that I found best.

Here is a slideshow with their photos. Bellow, there is a poll which you are asked to answer. Hope to see your entries for tomorrow’s challenge when I will announce the winner. There are no awards. The recognition is award enough 😀


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28 Comments on “Voting Time

  1. I have several favourites, and at least a couple of smiles. What more do I want? Not voting Paula, but admiring. 🙂 Sending hugs,


    • I know how you feel :D. It would be a very tough choice to make. Have a good day, Jo. We are going to a park tomorrow.


      • I was just going to have a look at tomorrow, Paula. I have a head full of lots of stuff- most of it good. 🙂 Thanks a lot!


  2. Paula, I voted, too – but looking at the results I am beginning top have mixed Feelings: So many pictures with zero points, but they are all worth more than that! (Even if I personally do not ‘like’ all of them to the same extent.)


    • to have mixed feelings of course – darned auto-correct! Sorry! I hope you don’t mind.


    • I know exactly what you mean, and it is not fair. Maybe some have voted for themselves instead of their second favourite one. There are some real gems among non-evaluated.


    • I think not enough people have voted to give a true reflection, Tobias (and you know I mean no offence by that Jude). Some of them were absolutely stunning and didn’t get votes, but it depends on what basis you vote. How well it fits the theme or how it resonates with you. Hugs all round. I love all of you! 🙂

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      • It also depends if you see the post. I didn’t, busy yesterday with other things and not much time on the computer. Not that I am ungrateful for all the votes for me, but I feel a bit guilty that I personally did not vote. Not sure this is a good thing Paula. Unless people follow you they won’t necessarily see the vote post. And I am not (deeply) offended 😉


  3. I’ve only just picked up there was a vote! Will try and visit this week to vote but so often I only catch up with posts days if not weeks later, and sometimes miss out totally because of life. Know this doesn’t help you though as you have created something so special and it is a lot of work. Hope you find a solution that works.


      • Ah, que c’est ennuyeux. Je te comprends parfaitement. J’aimerai tellement avoir une solution à te proposer, mais… Je crois qu’il faut chercher d’autres docteurs… Bjo.


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