In Between

veli zal novi-1_scale


Don’t ask anything. Just take this somewhat surreal image and sedative music as a free meditation session. After midnight aΒ new challenge is on. Peace

27 Comments on “In Between

  1. Oh, this is so perfect, Paula. Just drifting and drifting between blue and blue and the endless horizon. Thank you so much. And the track is…?


  2. Sorry you’ve had a bitch of a day. Again. 😦 I may have misunderstood but tomorrow things might be clearer. Meantime, back to the music. Thanks, Paula. πŸ™‚


    • I don’t know what you have misunderstood. I am facing a month of hell or longer, and am not really in capacity for any kind of normal conversation with anybody.


      • Just tomorrow’s theme but I wasn’t expecting a response, Paula. I thought you would probably have gone to bed by now. Not wishing to give further aggravation. I’m sorry. Sending hugs of very little use other than to make me feel better.


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