Thursday’s Special: Glow

The last week’s theme was easy, and this one should not be too difficult either. We all need light and glow in our lives, so today’s theme is glow.

A reminder: if you are interested in voting for the last week’s best photo entry, you have an opportunity to do so until next Wednesday i.e. 1st of June.

Happy Thursday!

jupiter najnajnoviji

P.S. For newbies – if you are interested in participating in Thursday’s Special photo challenge, you should publish a post with a photo (or several photos) having in mind the given theme, link that post to this one and leave me a note in the comments section.Β 

Check out the entries for this challenge by clicking on the links bellow:

89 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Glow

  1. Paula this is a breathtaking photo. The music reminds me of the moonlight Sonata, but different- what is it? I like it very much.


  2. That is spectacular Paula! Thank you for making the change to the voting. I am at my computer and have cast my ballot! πŸ™‚


        • Yes, the number is constantly rising. I just hope that people that would be left at the bottom of the list will not feel bad, in which case I would really like to know and would give up on the idea. Thank you again, sweet Sue.

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  6. Loving the tranquility of the music, Paula, and the specialness of the shot- as always.
    I wish you could find more tranquility in life. My misunderstanding last night stemmed from your final word- peace. I wasn’t sure if you meant that to be today’s theme, but I would have posted the same image. Hugs!


    • Ah, that was meant go in peace, sorry for neglecting scheduled challenges page.


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  10. Such beautiful colors, love the little reflection on the water too, have a great weekend!
    Greetz, Ron


    • Thanks, Ron. I am having a difficult month, but I noticed that you had posted something on the reader; will stop by later…


      • Sorry to hear that, Paula, hope the end of the month will solve it for you, donΒ΄t bother, think about yourself first, all the best, Ron


  11. That is a terrific photograph. Hard act to follow indeed, as Trish noted. But you know I’ll try, right?


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  21. Love the photo Paula! I enjoy watching the sunset at our local lake and this photo reminds me very much of it, very nice.

    I wish I had something recent but due to my lapse of judgement my camera has a lot of dust on it’s sensor. With that said I have taken a lot of photos so I knew I could find something to contribute and here it is:

    Thanks again for making our photo journey and lives a little more fun with your challenges. Peace~John


    • Thank you for telling me, Lynne. I’ve been having problems with this new, “improved” post editor πŸ˜‰

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